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WWE Women's Champions

- NWA World Women's Championship (1935 1983)
The origin of the WWE Women's title goes back to 1935, when Mildred Burke defeated Clara Mortensen, to become the first NWA Women's champion. By 1983, The Fabulous Moolah was the recognized champion. The WWF at that time, bought the rights to the women's world title from Fabulous Moolah, and renamed it as the WWF Women's World title.
(See: NWA Women's Title History)

- WWF Women's Championship (1983 2002)
In 2002, the World Wrestling Federation, changed their name to World Wrestling Entertainment, and the name of the women's championship changed accordingly.

- WWE Women's Championship (2002 Present)

Fabulous Moolah SEE: NWA Title History
Fort Worth, TX
Live event
Wendi Richter
New York, NY
The Brawl to End it All
Lelani Kai
New York, NY
Prime Time Wrestling
Wendi Richter (2nd)
New York, NY
Fabulous Moolah (6th)
New York, NY
Live event
Velvet McIntyre
Brisbane, Australia
Live event
Fabulous Moolah (7th)
Brisbane, Australia
Live event
Sherri Martel
Houston, TX
Live event
Rockin' Robin
Sherri Martel
Paris, France
Prime Time Wrestling
The WWF Women's title was vacated after Rockin' Robin's reign. In 1993, a tournament, to determine the new champion was held. Alundra Blayze (Madusa Mecili) defeated Heidi Lee Morgan in the finals.
Alundra Blayze
Heidi Lee Morgan
Poughkeepsie, NY
All American Wrestling
Bull Nakano Alundra Blayze Tokyo, Japan 11-27-94
Alundra Blayze Bull Nakano Poughkeepsie, NY 4-03-95
Bertha Faye Alundra Blayze Pittsburgh, PA 8-27-95
Alundra Blayze Bertha Faye Brandon, MB 10-23-95
Jacqueline Sable Sacremento, CA 9-15-98
Sable Jaqueline St. Louis, MO 11-15-98
Debra Sable Orlando, FL 5-10-99
Ivory Debra Worcester, MA 6-8-99
Fabulous Moolah Ivory Cleveland, OH 10-17-99
Ivory (2nd) Fabulous Moolah Providence, RI 10-25-99
The Kat Ivory Lauderdale, FL 12-12-99
Harvey Wippleman The Kat Pittsburgh, PA 1-31-00
Jacqueline Harvey Wippleman Detroit, MI 2-1-00
Stephanie McMahon Jacqueline San Antonio, TX 3-28-00
Lita Stephanie McMahon Lafayette, LA 8-21-00
Ivory (3rd) Lita Rochester, NY 10-31-00
Chyna Ivory Houston, TX 04-01-01
Trish Stratus Jazz, Lita, Molly, Ivory & Jackie Greensboro, NC 11-18-01
Jazz Trish Stratus Las Vegas, NV 02-04-02
Trish Stratus (2nd) Jazz Toronto, ON 05-13-02
Molly Holly Trish Stratus Columbus, OH 06-23-02
Trish Stratus (3rd) Molly Holly Los Angeles, CA 09-22-02
Victoria Trish Stratus New York, NY 11-17-02
Trish Stratus (4th) Victoria & Jazz Seattle, WA 03/30/03
Jazz Trish Stratus Worcester, MA 04/27/03
Gail Kim Jazz Buffalo, New York 06/30/03
Molly Holly Gail Kim Vancouver, Canada 8/4/03
Victoria Molly Holly Omaha, NE 02/23/04
Trish Stratus (5th) Victoria Columbus OH 06/13/04
Lita Trish Stratus Charlotte NC 12/06/04
Trish Stratus (6th) Lita San Juan PR 01/09/05
Mickie James Trish Stratus Chicago IL 04/02/06
Lita Mickie James Charlottesville VA 08-14-06
Trish Stratus (7th) Lita Toronto ON 09-17-06
Lita Mickie James Cincinnati OH 11-05-06
Mickie James (2nd) Lita Philadelphia PA 11-26-06
Survivor Series (2006)
Melina Perez Mickie James Bakersfield CA 01-19-07
Mickie James (3rd) Melina Perez Paris, France 2007-04-24
Live event
Melina Perez (2nd) Mickie James Paris, France 2007-04-24
Live event
Candice Michelle Melina Perez Houston, TX 2007-06-24
Vengeance: Night of Champions
Beth Phoenix Candice Michelle Rosemont, IL 2007-10-07
No Mercy (2007)
Mickie James (4th) Beth Phoenix London, England 2008-04-14
Beth Phoenix (2nd) Mickie James Indianapolis, IN 2008-08-17
SummerSlam (2008)
Melina Perez (3rd) Beth Phoenix Detroit, MI 2009-01-25
Royal Rumble (2009)
Michelle McCool Melina Perez Sacramento, CA 2009-06-28
The Bash (2009)

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