Wendi Richter Biography and Pictures
Women of Wrestling
Wendi Rickter
Real Name:
Wendi Richter
Wrestling Names:
Wendi Richter, Wendy Richter
Divorced from:
Hugo Savinovitch
Date of Birth:
September 6, 1961
Dallas, Texas
Managed by:
Cyndi Lauper
Trained by:
Favorite Moves:
Slingshot Catapult, Leapfrog evasion, vertical splash, Armbar variations, Sitout pin

Wendi Richter Pictures:

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Fantasy Warefare:
Sable vs. Wendi Richter

Raw Magazine
February 1999
by Bill Banks

Wendi Richter Biography:

Championships & Accomplishments:

Wendi Richter aka Wendy RichterWendi Richter was one of the top female wrestlers of her time and dominated the 1980's. She was trained at Fabulous Moolah's Women's Wrestling school and made her wrestling debut in 1979.

At 5'8, she could easily dominate her a opponents and became a very hated heel. She was later one half of the NWA Women's Tag Team Champions with Joyce Grable as the Texas Cowgirls. Wendi later signed to work for the WWF in 1983

In the WWF, she rose to stardom rivaling the popularity of Hulk Hogan and helped the WWE to rise in mainstream media. After Captain Lou Albano appeared in Cyndi Lauper's Girl's Just Want to Have Fun video he began taking credit for her success. A feud then pitted Cyndi Lauper to manage her while Lou Albano sided with the Fabulous Moolah. On July 23, 1984 at "The Brawl to End it All" televised on MTV from Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, Wendy with Cindi Lauper defeated The Fabulous Moolah for the WWF Woman's title. The match was national news and Wendi became a huge commodity.

She successfully defended the title for months until a revengeful Fabulous Moolah manged Leilani Kai to a victory. Leilani Kai defeated her on February 18th 1985, which later aired on WWF Prime Time Wrestling. She however regained the title. On March 31th 1985 at Wrestlemania I, Wendy Richter defeated Leilani Kai to regain the WWF Women's title.

On November 25th 1985, the masked Spider Lady defeated her for the WWF Women's title. Fabulous Moolah was revealed as the woman under the mask in a controversial WWF moment which has since been referred to as "The Original Screwjob." Wendy Richter was allegedly booked to win the match however, after a fast count from referee, Moolah was declared the champion. It was later revealed that Wendi was having contractual disputes with Vince McMahan. She was a huge draw for the WWE and even appeared on Hulk Hogan's cartoon series, however it was her last match in the WWF.

It wasn't the end of Wendi however, she continued to wrestle and still had a large fanbase. She reigned as American Wrestling Association Women's Wrestling Champion with many great matches for the company, including a feud with Madusa Miceli. She also had a stint in Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA).

After retiring, Wendi continued making wrestling appearances and occasional matches. On January 29th 2005 at WrestleReunion: Team Richter (Wendi, Malia Hosaka,Bambi & Jenny Taylor) defeated Team Martel (Sherri Martel, Peggy Lee Leather, Krissy Vaine and Amber O'Neal)

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