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TNA Knockout Tara

Real Name:
Lisa Marie Varon
Wrestling Names:
Tara (TNA), Victoria (WWE), Head Bitch In Charge, Queen Victoria, Lisa Marie Varon
155 lb
Date of Birth:
February 11, 1971
San Bernardino, California
Trained by:
Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Dave "Fit" Finlay
Signature moves:
Moonsault, Standing Moonsault, Savate kick, Slingshot somersault leg drop, Spider's Web, Gorilla press slam
Finishing moves:
Widow's Peak (Gory neckbreaker)

Victoria - "Lisa Marie Varon," Photos:

Lisa Marie Varon/Victoria/Tara - Biography

Lisa Marie Varon: Championships & Accomplishments
    Wrestler Victoria
    -WWE Women's Championship
    -TNA Women's Knockout Championship

    Rankings, Awards & Tournaments
    - PWI Female 50 (#12 in 2008)
    - PWI Female 50 (#5 in 2009)
    - 2004 PWI Woman of the Year

    -ESPN2 Fitness America 1st place (1997)
    - ESPN2 Fitness America 2nd place (1998)
    - NPC Inland Empire 1st (1995)
    - NPC Team Universe 2nd Tall Class (1999)
    -Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic 1st Tall Class (1999)
    -Women's Tri-Fitness, Ironwoman Tri-Fitness 4th (1998)

Lisa Marie Varon was born in San Bernardino, CA and Only Girl of Three older brothers. Like her brothers she was very athletic growing up making it into Fitness competitions and Fitness Expert Shows. Lisa tried getting into WCW, and didn't quite make it but A meeting with Chyna at A gym changed her life forever. Victoria then debuted in June of 2000, as one of Godfathers "Head Ho". In August 2000 she was thrown through a table and named Victoria. She then disappeared for over a year and began training with MCW and OVW.

After months of rumors Victoria made her re-debut On July 8th 2002 Edition of "HeAT" against Trish Stratus and lost. Then she re-debuted for a second time On August 8th, aligning herself with Molly for a short while. Afterwards she joined Steven Richards, and they became known as the Craziest in WWE. At Madison Square Garden, Victoria captured the Women's Title from Trish in A Hardcore Match at Survivor Series PPV.

After winning the Title, Victoria remained feuding with Trish until she had an even bigger problem the return of Jazz. But not even A Knee Injury could slow Victoria down. Jazz challenged her at the same time as Trish, there three way feud carried onto Wrestlemania as A Triple Threat Match with Victoria losing her title to Trish.

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