Vickie Guerrero Pictures & Biography
Vickie Guerrero
Real Name:
Vickie L. Guerrero (More Real Names...)
Wrestling Name(s) & Nicknames:
Vickie Guerrero, "The Cougar," "The Queen Diva"
Date of Birth:
April 16, 1968 (More Birthdays...)
El Paso, Texas
Trained by:
WWE, Chavo Guerrero
Signature Moves:
School Girl Roll Up
Frog splash

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Vickie Guerrero Biography

Vickie Guerrero: Championships & Accomplishments

Vickie Guerrero
Photo WWE
Vickie Guerrero made her wrestling debut in 2005, as part of a storyline in World Wrestling Entertainment, with her real life husband Eddie Guerrero, who was feuding with Rey Mysterio. During this time, she went against her husband, in a storyline where Eddie claimed to be the legitimate father of Rey Mysterio's son Dominick. The feud escalated at SummerSlam 2005 during a "Custody of Dominick" ladder match, where she cost Eddie the match by pushing him off of a ladder. Soon after, sad news for the Guerrero happened, as on November 13, 2005, Vickie's husband Eddie Guerrero died of heart failure.

The following year--in August of 2006, she got involved in a feud against Chavo Guerrero (the nephew of the Eddie Guerrero) and Rey Mysterio. This was the beginning of her as a heel, where she managed Chavo. After Chavo's feud against Mysterio, he went on to feud against Chris Benoit. The feud lasted until the end of the year, where the pairing ended.

In May of 2007, she returned. Upon her return, she was friends with Kristal Marshall, the on-screen girlfriend of Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long. Kristal eventually convinced Teddy to make Vickie Guerrero his assistant. On the September 21, 2007 airing of WWE SmackDown!, Theodore Long and Kristal Marshall were set to be married on-screen. Instead, Teddy suffered a heart attack. Vickie was then made the new General Manager of SmackDown! by Vince McMahon.

Soon, she started an on-screen relationship with Edge, which saw her suffer a tombstone piledriver by Undertaker on the November 23, 2007 airing of SmackDown, in the midst of his feud with Edge. After weeks of absence selling the injury, she returned to her bias bookings in favor of Edge, leading to him winning the World Heavyweight Championship on December 16, 2007, at Armageddon. Into 2008, "La Familia" was formed. A stable involving Edge, Vickie, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Bam Neely also became part of the group later on. With the formation, she saw Chavo win the ECW Championship against CM Punk on January 22, 2008, and helped Edge retain his belt. In the weeks that followed, on the February 15, 2008 epsiode of WWE SmackDown, Edge asked her to marry him.

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