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Velvet Sky

Real Name:
Jamie Szantyr
Wrestling Names:
Velvet Sky, Talia Madison, Talia Doll
5' 6" (1.68 m)
125 lb
Date of Birth:
June 2, 1981
New Britain, Connecticut
Trained by:
Jason Knight's "House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo"
Signature moves:
Snapmare, Octopus stretch, Russian legsweep, Triangle choke, and headscissors takedown
Finishing moves:
Double knee backbreaker, Snap DDT and double underhook facebuster (In Yo' Face)

Velvet Sky Pictures


Velvet Sky Biography

Jamie Szantyr: Championships & Accomplishments

Velvet Sky Biography Talia Madison began her wrestling training in November of 2001 at Kevin Landry's ring and then later at Jason Knight's "House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo." She later began working as a valet and wrestler around the Independent circuit. Organizations Talia Madison wrestled for included Big Time Wrestling, Maryland Championship Wrestling, Defiant Pro Wrestling--in which she won their Women's title on April 8, 2006, coming out on top in a 3-way against Alere Little Feather and Nikki Roxx, and Women's Extreme Wrestling where she held the WEW Tag Team titles with April Hunter, and the WEW World Women's title defeating Angel Orsini on May 5th 2007. Talia Madison also gained a lot of notice on July 11 2005, during WWE RAW where Victoria defeated her in a match for Sunday Night Heat. She however did not get hired by the World Wrestling Entertainment.

As TNA Wrestling was on the verge of implementing a Women's Division, Talia Madison was contacted to work matches and she was announced as one of ten wrestlers to compete in a 10 woman gauntlet match to crown the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion at TNA's Bound for Glory pay per view. On October 11th's airing of Impact, Talia Madison was at ringside for the debut match of Awesome Kong, who defeated Gail Kim. Talia went on to compete on October 14th 2007 in the 10 Women gauntlet match however she did not win the match.

On the October 18th 2007 airing of Impact!, Talia took a vicious beating from Awesome Kong, who pinned her in a one on one match. Talia Madison's name was then changed to Velvet Sky in a 3-way match on the Thanksgiving edition of Impact!. On December 2, 2007 at TNA's Turning Point pay per view, the pairing of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky began, as they defeated ODB & Roxxi Laveaux in a tag-team match-up. Later that night, they did a run-in to assist Gail Kim after her match with Awesome Kong to no avail, Kong choke-slammed Velvet and knocked Angelina out with a steal chair. On the December 6, 2007 edition of impact!, both ladies once again ran down to assist Gail Kim.

On the December 13, 2007 airing of Impact!, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love continued their tag-team victories as they defeated Jackie Moore and Tracy Brooks. The ladies hinted to being adult entertainers (or workers) in a backstage interview prior to the match, which explained their name change choices. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love's flirtatious and suggestive characteristics continued the following week as they offered to "service" the "hot" male guests at TNA's Christmas party and flirted with Kevin Nash. The ladies then participated in a knockouts streetfightin which Awesome Kong won. The following week's Impact on, Velvet Sky's winning ways continued as herself, Gail Kim, and Angelina Love defeated ODB, Roxxi and Jackie Moore.

TNA Wrestling - The Beautiful PeopleIn 2008, she and Angelina Love turned heels, and were named "The Beautiful People."
The ladies went on to terrorize the Knockouts Division. Highlights included Velvet Sky interfering in a ladder match at the Sacrifice PPV on May 11, 2008, to prevent Angelina from having her head shaved bald. As a result Roxxi, was shaved instead and the Beautiful People mocked her by waving the hair around. It was one of TNA’s most controversial moments, with a “fire Russo!” chant from the crowd making it to air. Another highlight was Velvet being humiliated by new Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde, who she challenged to a match which ended in a few seconds. She immediately challenged for a rematch which was also only a few seconds long. The Beautiful People gained a third member – Cute Kip, their fashionist – and teamed with him in a losing effort to Rhyno, ODB and Rhaka Khan at Bound For Glory IV. They soon gained another member in Madison Rayne and Cute Kip was eventually fired (to become a road agent for TNA). When TNA introduced a set of Knockouts Tag Team Championship belts, the Beautiful People vowed to become the first champions. They advanced to the finals at No Surrender; however Angelina Love was released from TNA due to visa issues before the PPV, so Madison Rayne competed in her place. She and Madison lost to Sarita and Taylor Wilde.

In October, Lacey Von Erich debuted in TNA as Angelina Love’s replacement in the Beautiful People. Angelina made her return in January during a match against Awesome Kong and Hamada. After the match she entered the ring to seemingly comfort The Beautiful People but quickly attacked them instead. Lacey Von Erich, Velvet Sky and Madison RayneThis sparked a rivalry between Velvet and Angelina, culminating in a leather and lace match on Impact (Velvet had earned herself a contract for any match of her choice). During the match, Velvet changed the stipulation to hand-cuffs and I Quit but it went to a no contest when the Beautiful People and Tara interfered. She later won her first title in TNA as she and Madison defeated both Taylor Wilde & Sarita, and Angelina Love & Tara to win the vacant Knockouts Tag Team Championships on March 8, 2010. The Beautiful People continued their dominance when Madison Rayne won the Knockouts Championship at Lockdown 2010, effectively giving them all the titles in TNA. During the summer of 2010, Velvet started to show signs of being dissatisfied with her position. She was unhappy when Madison Rayne brought Tara into their stable without asking them first. She also felt Madison was going too far in her rivalry with Angelina Love. The Beautiful People lost the Tag Team titles to Hamada & Taylor Wilde after a botched interference from Tara, only intensifying the animosity between her and Madison. This culminated in her costing Madison the title in a match against Angelina. The next week, she and Angelina reformed as a tag team and they eventually defeated Tara and Madison to earn the rights to The Beautiful People name. Lacey Von Erich also allied herself with them briefly, though she left TNA in late 2010. Velvet and Angelina competed in a 4-corners match for the title against Madison and Tara at Bound For Glory 2010. The match was won by Tara who pinned Velvet controversially.

After Bound For Glory, she started a rivalry with Sarita after the latter pinned her in a 6-Knockout tag match. Sarita defeated her in subsequent singles matches and a strap match. She also attacked her backstage, resulting in her being unable to compete with Angelina in a Tag Team title match. Winter subbed for Velvet and she and Angelina won the titles. This started off a rivalry between her and Winter, the former being jealous of Winter’s new partnership with Angelina. Despite this jealousy, Winter helped her to defeat Sarita in a match with Velvet’s TNA career on the line. Velvet attempted to help Winter and Angelina in their title match against Sarita & Rosita at Victory Road, however she accidentally caused a distraction that led to them losing the titles. Winter and Angelina blamed her for the loss and Winter drugged Angelina to convince her to turn against Velvet. The Beautiful People were effectively dissolved when Angelina–seemingly under Winter’s control–attacked Velvet during a match. She defeated her in a singles match with Velvet’s moves seemingly having no effect. Velvet however managed to defeat Winter and Angelina (along with Jeff Jarrett) in a 3-on-2 handicap match teaming with Kurt Angle in the Impact main event.

After defeating Winter and Angelina in a handicap match, she was attacked by the returning ODB. In the following weeks, ODB claimed that she had gotten fired from TNA the previous year in favor of Velvet and was seeking revenge. ODB attacked her backstage during a photo shoot and this led to a street fight on Impact. ODB was soon joined in her crusade by the returning Jackie Moore. She eventually defeated both of them in a handicap match, ending their rivalry. In October of 2011, Velvet defeated her former partner Angelina Love to qualify for the Fatal 4 Way match at Bound For Glory 2011. During the match, she faced biased refereeing from Karen Jarrett; however Karen was incapacitated towards the end of the match and Traci Brooks stepped in to replace her. Shet won the match to become the new Knockouts Champion. The following night on Impact, she was attacked from behind by Gail Kim, making her return to TNA. Gail Kim immediately challenged her for her title at Turning Point 2011. She won thanks to interference from Madison Rayne. Velvet took a secondary role in TNA in the months after this, until a #1 contender’s battle royal in March of 2012. Velvet had seemingly won the battle royal but Madison Rayne had been sitting at ringside. Madison eliminated her from behind to claim the title match for herself. Velvet later defeated Tara, Winter, Angelina Love, Mickie James and Madison Rayne in a 6-pack challenge to officially earn herself a title match. At Lockdown 2011, she unsuccessfully challenged Gail Kim for the title in a cage match and later again in a triple threat with Brooke Tessmacher. In the meantime, shet was chosen to star in Montgomery Gentry’s music video for their single “My So-Called Life”. In the video, she played a single mother forced to spend time away from her son while wrestling on the road. As the video used clips from Velvet’s TNA matches, it led to many mistaking the boy for her real life son. She had to quickly deny that she had a son via Twitter. In July, Jamie Szantyr's contract with TNA expired and it was reported that she had left the company.

Velvet Sky hits In Yo' Face finisher on Gail KimShe made her return to TNA at the end of 2012 during an in-ring promo between Knockouts Champion Tara and Mickie James. The next week, she won her return match against Madison Rayne. At the Genesis 2013 Pay Per View, she was a participant in a 5-woman gauntlet match to determine the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship. She won the match controversially, but later defeated Gail Kim on impact to confirm her status as #1 contender. She lost the eventual title match against Tara thanks to interference from Tara’s boyfriend Jessie. She gained a pinfall victory over Tara in a 6-person mixed tag team match at the tapings in Manchester, England. While TNA was still in England, Tara put her title on the line against her, Gail Kim and Ms Tessmacher in a Fatal-4-Way elimination match. Velvet Sky pinned Gail Kim after hitting her "In Yo' Face" to win the match, making Jamie Szantyr a 2-Time TNA Women's Knockout Champion. She went on to successfully defended the title against both Tara and Gail Kim in separate matches.

Velvet Sky Biography updates by Bobby Calloway and Arron Carlton, for Lethalwow.com.

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