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Real Name: Stephanie Finochio (More Real Names...)
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Birthday: December 1, 1971 (More Birthdays...)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
Trained by: Mikey Whipwreck
Signature Moves: Flying headscissors takeover, hurricanrana, shooting star press, powerslam
Finishing Move: Fall from Grace (Moonsault)
Previous Aliases: Stephanie Starr; Starfire; Untamable Spirit; American Power; Italian Finesse

Official Site: Trinity

Stephanie Finochio Pictures


Stephanie Finochio Biography

Championships & Accomplishments:
    Wrestler Stephanie Finochio
    Photo © TNA Wrestling
    - CyberSpace Wrestling Federation Women's Champion.
    - 2003 TNA Knockout of the Year.

TNA Knockout Trinity
Photo © TNA Wrestling
Trinity, this 5'7 green eyed beauty, doubled for the likes of Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez, making them look like a million bucks when it came to getting down and dirty, before getting into the wrestling business. She was successful at everything she tried, but wrestling was a passion that could not go unnoticed, and she entered herself in a wrestling school and trained hard to be her best. In a years time, she had the Independent circuit talking, wrestling the likes of Beth Phoenix, Simply Luscious, and Mercedes Martinez. She later debut in NWA-TNA in January of 2003.

In NWA-TNA Trinity partnered with Kid Kash, which helped to elevate his popularity. Trinity and Kid KashAlong with Kash, she had her first feud with Sonny Siaki and Desire. During this time she had confrontations with Desire on many occasions and pinned her on various occasions. The feud was put to rest when Trinity's man Kash pined Sonni Siaki to become the New X-Division Champion, with of course thanks to Trinity. Kash soon begun to get jealous of her and it was that jealousy which forced Trinity to venture on her own, fighting any female that steeped up to the plate. Trinity took on the likes on Malia Hosaka, Mickie James, ODB, Tracy Brooks and Jacqueline Moore.

In January of 2006, Stephanie Finochio signed a developmental contract with WWE, and would later that year debut in ECW's 2006 ONE NIGHT STAND, with an ECW entourage of superstars, celebrating with Rob Van Dam to the end of the show. Trinity - WWE DivaFollowing that, on June 13th, 2006 on ECW's first show on Sci Fi, she accompanied the Full Blooded Italians and would from then on be their manager.

During this time, she appeared in 'Diva' segments, and contests, however nothing substantial. Her most notable appearances took place on October 10th 2006: ECW on Sci Fi, as she participated in a series of Extreme Strip Poker segments and October 31, 2006, participating in an Extreme Halloween Costume Contest -- with police tape as a bra; in which she sported in numerous photo shoots.

In June of 2007, Finochio was released from her WWE contract. This was inevitable seeing as Trinity did not fit the mold of the WWE Diva look. Despite being a credible wrestler, she was sent down the eye candy road, when she should have been on raw reigning as WWE Women's Champion. She met the same faith of Jazz -- who returned to World Wrestling Entertainment to be part of the ECW brand. During Trinity's time in the WWE, she faced Jazz at WWE house shows, as well as teamed up with Kelly Kelly to take on Jillian Hall and Michelle McCool at live events. After the WWE, she retried from wrestling, and made sporadic appearances. On Saturday September 20, 2008, she and Fantasy lost to Peggy Lee Leather -- in a AWA World-1 South match. Years later, on March 17, 2013, she made a big TNA Wrestling appearance during the taping of the TNA's Knockouts Knockdown “One Night Only” Pay Per View, where she lost to ODB.



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