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Terri Poch
Real Name:
Terri Poch
Wrestling Names:
Tori, Taylor Made, Terri Power
140 lbs
Date of Birth:
August 20, 1967
Portland, Oregon
Trained by:
Brad Rheingans
Signature moves:
Diving crossbody, Back slide, Spear, Powerslam, Snap DDT
Finishing moves:
Tori–Plex (Reverse powerbomb)

Terri Poch Photos:



Torrie Wilson ro Tori?
What's the Story?
"The Wrestler" Magazine
- July 2000.

Terri Poch Biography:

Championships & Accomplishments:

Terri Power Terri Sue Poch first rose to fame in Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) in 1990 under the name Terri Power. She was promoted as "The Ultimate Female". Her presence as a body builder helped set her apart from other competitors, which made her a huge fan favorite. Years later, she took the grand prize: on February 23rd 1992 at the Super Ladies Showdown Pay Per View in Rochester, Minnesota she defeated Lady X for the LPWA Championship.

After Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) went out of business, she had a brief stint in Japan competed in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. By 1994, she was gone from wrestling. Years later, she was signed by the World Wrestling Federation.

Terri Poch began her WWE career as just a face in the crowd, as far back as September 1998, as there was a close up of her in the front row focused on a WWF Women's Championship Match: Sable versus Jacqueline. Another big cameo appearance was at Survivor Series 98' as Sable (Rena Mero) defeated Jacqueline to win the Women's Championship.

In January of 1999 her role was revealed, as a crazed fan obsessed with Sable. On December 28th 1998 she rolled into the ring to give Sable a rose, she was then removed from the ring by security. Sable then suffer a vicious attack from Luna Vachon in which Terri took offense to. On January 10th 1999, Terri Poch attacked Luna on behalf of Sable, she then continued to interfere in the Luna/Sable at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View (01/24/99); Tori knocked Luna out with a punch which let to Sable picking up the win.

Tori vs Sable On the February 15th 1999 edition of Monday Night Raw, Sable was interviewed in the ring, Terri once again came to the ring, this time, she introduced herself to WWE fans as Tori. Things went sour, for on this night, the once fan-favorite; Sable turned heel, debuting a new pre-Madonna persona. She was then on the receiving end of a verbal beating, being called a skank who wants to be like "Sable" who suggested that she get a life. Weeks went by and Sable continued to verbally attack Tori, which then lead to physical abuse. It wouldn't be long before Tori retaliated, interrupting Sable's Playboy Magazine cover celebration. A furious Sable then made a wrestling challenge for WrestleMania 99'. View: Women's WrestleMania History. The Raw before Wrestlemania after an Ivory (Lisa Moretti) vs Sable match, Tori attacked Sable, making a statement that she could hold her own in the ring.

Tori vs IvoryBecause of interference from Nicole Bass, Tori could not pick up the win against Sable Wrestlemania. She however continue to be involved in Women's matches, and later that year she yet again went head to head with the Women's champ; this time in the form of her former alliance in Ivory. Ivory went about attacking fans in the arena, claiming there was no competition in the WWE, Tori then made her presence felt. Tori came up short at SummerSlam (08/22/99), against Ivory, however she took her frustration out on Ivory some days later as she defeated her in an Evening Gown Match (08/26/99), in which Luna Vachon had to pull her off. The ladies later had other confrontations, which led up to the first ever WWF Women's Hardcore Match (09/06/99), in which Ivory yet again got the better of her.

She then moved away from the Women's division into a storyline involving Kane (Glen Thomas Jacobs). She played the role of his girlfriend and became his valet. In the midst of a feud Kane/X-Pac, Tori turn on Kane and become a member of DX, rocketing her into superstar-dome. She become the valet/girlfriend for X-Pac and part of the DX faction. During her stay with DX, Tori assisted Stephanie McMahon in capturing the Women's title(03/30/00) after hitting Jacqueline with a vicious DDT, cheating to pick up the win. On other occasions, she was successful in helping Stephanie retain the title including the June 8th 2000 edition of Smackdown after she hit Lita with her reverse powerbomb.

Tori in DXBecause of interference from Nicole Bass, Tori Road Dogg and X-Pac of DX, then feuded with the Dudley Boys with Tori being the central figure in their storyline. Bubba Ray Dudley was set on powerbombing Tori through a table, much to WWF fans delight. On two occasions, Tori hit Bubba Ray with a crossbody from the top ropes into tables, her huge size made the spot very believable, and perhaps two of her highlight moments in the WWF. Just days before a huge Pay Per View, Tori would injured her shoulder. On, 06/25/00 King Of The Ring PPV in a Handicap Table/Dumpster Match, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori defeated the Dudley Boyz. Despite the win, the night ended with Bubba Ray powerbombing Tori from the second rope through a table, which would seal the deal, putting Tori would of action. Tori took the bump, despite the injury.

After healing from her injury, she became one of the four trainers of MTV's Tough Enough reality show for season 1. She later returned to in-ring action as a masked Ninja who helped Raven pick up wins in matches. She would then start a rivalry with Molly Holly, and was later unmasked as the Ninja on the March 11th 2001 episode of Sunday Night Heat.

Tori then parted ways with the WWE. She retired from wrestling and opened a Yoga school.

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