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Real Name:
Terri Lynne Boatright Runnels
Wrestling Names:
Terri Runnels, Alexandra York, Marlena
100 lbs
Date of Birth:
October 5, 1966
Live Oak, Florida
Trained by:
World Wrestling Entertainment Staff
Signature moves:
Hair–pull snapmare, Bronco buster, Low blow, Standing hair pull
Finishing moves:
Diving crossbody, Hurricanrana

Terri Runnels


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    • Terri Runnels began her wrestling career as a WCW valet. She worked under the alias "Alexandra York", the personal accountant of Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotunda). She later formed the York Foundation Stable. (See Photo Below)

      After working for WCW she entered the WWE. On January 21, 1996 at the Royal Rumble, Terri debuted as Goldust's manager under the name "Marlena." As Marlena, she has always been ringside to catch all the action, and sometimes even got into it. Under the Marlena persona she feuded with Sunny and had encounters with Chyna. Goldust was actually her real life husband; Dustin Runnels, however, their on screen pairing lasted under November 1997, in which Goldust replaced Marlena with Luna Vachon.

      In 1998, she re-emerged as Val Venis's valet however the pairing didn't last a year. On screen her relationship with Val Venis wen't sour and she joined Jacqueline to form "PMS" man-hating female faction. PMS later expanded to Terri, Jacqueline, and Ryan Shamrock who also with Sean "Meat" Staziak.

      After that she managed a slew of WWE Talent starting with the Hardyz, then Perry Saturn, and getting involved in Women's matches and novelty rivalries she became a WWE backstage manager. On April 3rd, 2004, Terri Runnels was released from her WWE contract.

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