• Tasha Simone

      HEIGHT: 5'5
      WEIGHT: 150 LBS

      Tasha Simone began her formal wrestling training in Dallas, TX with the late "Gentleman" Chris Adams. Adams, along with assistant trainer James Beard began schooling Simone in the art of wrestling, homing in on the technical side, particularly submission holds, and soon allowed Simone to assist in training students. Tasha was such a strong student, that Adams had no problem putting her in the ring against men of her own size and stature, and it occurred to her quickly, that if she wanted respect in a primarily man's world, she was going to have to take it, and she has been taking her respect ever since. One must remember with this young lady, she wants respect, you can give it to her of your own free will, or she will beat it out of you, but either way, she is going to get it. Tasha has made her way through some of the top companies, including USWA, where she had a long running feud with Ms.Texas (aka Jacqueline of WWE), she has also wrestled in WWC (Puerto Rico), and started a feud with ring veteran LeiLani Kai while wrestling for Bert Prentice, simply because Kai refused to shake her hand. Simone loves to pummel her opponents, hitting them with spinning back fists, kicks, and chops, but when she really gets ready to make them feel pain, she will bring them to the mat with a well applied grovette or sugar, and there she will keep them until they tap out, or if she is feeling especially mean, she will execute the Hallucinator, a split leg face buster always applied on the floor. Asked about her style, Simone, who always accompanies her husband Motley, and any current member of C4P, to the ring, states, "I manage, I wrestle, I brawl, I do it all." But that is to be expected from a young lady who idolized both Bruiser Brody and Mr. Wrestling II while growing up.(Credit: cruznforpain.net, Official Site)