Little Jeanne Profile & Pictures
Wrestler: Little Jeanne

Real Name:
Wrestling Names:
Little Jeanne, Sweet Destiny
145 lbs
May 13
Long Island, New York
Trained by:
Johnny Rodz
Signature moves:
Figure-Four Leglock, Suplexes
Finishing moves:
Top Rope Suplex, The German Suplex

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Championships & Accomplishments:
    - World Wide Wrestling Alliance Women's Title
    - 2004 WXW Elite 8 Tournament Winner

There's so many ways you could fall in love with wrestling, and Sweet Destiny's way is a bit odd. One day while playing around in a pool with a couple of the guys, Tracey Smothers suplexed her in the pool and from then on she's been hooked. Soon after some friends told her about Gleson's Gym in Brooklyn,NY. She checked it out and was trained by Johnny Rodz, a WWE Hall of famer. At first he refused her offer, and told her she was waisting her time and money because she was a female and she would quit after a month. She had something to prove, and trained with him. Many of the guys didn't feel she had right to be there since she was the only female. One of the guys even went as far as to try and purposely hurt her while training just to get her out of the school, eventually he did hurt her and she got a Hyper-Extended ankle which she healed over night and continued training. The then Doubtful Johnny, soon became A second father to her and taught her about things including the business. She's had two gimmicks, "Sweet Destiny" A real country girl and "Little Jeanie" A vicious mob-gangster from Brooklyn. Sweet Destiny, made it to the big time when she wrestled Mona (Now WWE's Molly Holly) in WCW A few times. Since the start of her career, she has held many Male and Female championships.

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