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Sharmell Sullivan

    Real Name: Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman
    Height: 5feet 7inches
    Birthday: November 2, 1974
    Hometown: Gary, Indiana
    Married to: Booker T
    1998 as WCW Nitro Girl "Storm"
    Wrestling Aliases: Paisley(WCW valet), Storm, Sister Sharmell, Queen Sharmell
    Wrestling training: WCW Powerplant & OVW
1991: Miss Black America pageant Winner

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  • Sharmell Sullivan Biography
  • Sharmell Sullivan started her Wrestling career in 1999, as a WCW dancer in the Nitro Girls as "Storm". She later became more active as a valet for Prince Iaukea and later for Kwee Wee under the name "Pasily." During her time as a valet, she began training to become a wrestler and had many catfights and wrestling matches. She picked up wins against likes of Tygress , Major Gunns , and Torrie Wilson and many viewed her a promising wrestler. Click Here for 2000 WCW Women's Matches

    In February of 2001, she was released from her WCW contract, but later in the year offered a development deal by the WWE. She was sent to OVW where she was a valet and competed in numerous matches. Her wrestling skills were sharpened and she took on the likes of Nidia, Ivory, and Victoria In November 2001, she made her WWE Television debut as a backstage Smackdown announcer. Unfortunately in 2002, she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and was put out of action, she soon after got released from the WWE.

    In March 2005, Sharmell Sullivan and Booker T got married, and it was not long after that she made a WWE return. On the March 17th, 2005's Smackdown show, she appeared in the audience during a match with Booker T. Not long after, she accompanied him backstage on television segments. Soon after, a feud between Booker T and Kurt Angle developed, as Kurt Angle used Sharmell as fuel to heat the rivalry. Kurt angle would sexual harassed Sharmell throughout the angle, and she was even pinned by Kurt Angle in a Handicap match. The feud then ended in June, when Booker T defeated Kurt Angle, who was them drafted to Raw. Sharmell would continue on as Booker T's valet on Smackdown.

    Soon after, she turned heel, interfering in Booker T's matches, presumably without his knowledge. This situation escalated on October 21st 2005's Smackdown when Booker T defeated Chris Benoit to win the US title after she tripped Chris Benoit. The next week on Raw, Chris Benoit confronted Booker T and Sharmell, which ended with Booker T knocking Chris Benoit out with the US belt, making her and Booker T officially heels.

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