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Rena Mero

Profile & Facts
Real Name:
Rena Marlette Lesnar
Wrestling Names:
5'6" (1.68 m)
Date of Birth:
August 8, 1967
Jacksonville, Florida
Trained by:
Marc Mero
Signature moves:
Double leg takedown, Baseball slide, Diving crossbody, Frankensteiner, snapmare
Finishing moves:
Sable Bomb (Powerbomb), TKO

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Rena Lesnar Biography:

Championships & Accomplishments:
    Wrestler Sable
    -WWF Women's Championship

    Rankings, Awards & Misc.
    -Slammy Award: Dressed to Kill (1997)
    -Slammy Award: Miss Slammy (1997)
    -PWI 1998 Rookie of the Year (First runner-up) 1998 - "Wrestler of the Year" 1998 - "Babyface of the Year" 1998 - "Sex-Symbol of the Year" 1999 - "Sex-Symbol of the Year"
    -April 1999 Playboy Magazine Cover Girl
    -PWI 1999 Woman of the Year (First runner-up)
    -September 1999 Playboy Magazine Cover Girl
    -March 2003 Playboy Magazine Cover Girl (w/Torrie Wilson)

Wrestler Sable In less than three years of being in the World Wrestling Federation, Rena Mero--born Rena Greek, went from valet, to mega superstar. After working as a model for numerous years, "Sable" entered the WWF as Triple H's WrestleMania XII valet (March 31, 1996). That was short lived, for on that same night, she became Marc Mero's valet/manager; her real-life husband at the time.

Marc Mero was Rena Mero's second husband. Her first; Wayne W. Richardson, died in 1991, due to a drunk-driving accident. Rena had a daughter named Mariah for her first husband.

Unfortunately for Marc Mero, he suffered an injury in February of 1997, and was out of action for 6 months. During this time, Sable remained a WWE personality, and her popularity soared. Upon Marc Mero's return in late-1997, he became jealous of Sable's popularity, and the two would engage in numerous confrontations. This included attempts by Marc to embarrass Sable on live television. Despite their issues, Marc and Rena Mero developed a rivalry against Luna Vachon and Goldust, with focus on issues between the ladies. Luna and Sable's feud created some memorable moments, including an inter-gender tag-team match at WrestleMania 98--on March 29, 1998, in which she showed that she was not just a pretty face. The match saw Rena Mero hit a TKO on Luna to win the match. Another memorable encounter was facing Luna in an Evening Gown Match at Unforgiven 98 on April 26, 1998. Her and Mark's issues reached a high on May 31, 1998, at WWF Over the Edge 1998, when the two faced each other in an Inter-gender match. Marc Mero defeated Rena with a roll-up, with the stipulation that would have to leave the WWE if she lost the match.

Sable aka Rena Mero On June 1, 1998, Marc Mero introduced his new manger; Jacqueline. Rena Mero was later brought back by Vince McMahon, the ladies got involved in a heated feud, which eventually led to the WWF Women's Championship being reinstated... The Championship had not been competed for since Alundra Blayze's departure from the WWF in 1995. A new Champion was decided that year, as she and Jacqueline competed for the Women's Champion on the September 15, 1998 edition of WWF Raw. Jacqueline was able to defeat her with assistance by Marc. While Jacqueline had the Women's Championship, Rena went on to guest star on the USA Network's series "Pacific Blue." Weeks later, on November 15, 1998, she won the women's title at Survivor Series 1998 with a powebomb to Jacqueline.

In Early 1999, a second feud with Luna Vachon was short lived, but produced a strap match on January 24, 1999, at the 1999 Royal Rumble. At the Pay-Per-View, she defeated Luna in the match with the assistance of a mystery fan. The fan was revealed to be "Tori," former LPWA Champion, who stalked her in the weeks that followed. Sable then took a drastic heel turn, just in time to reveal that she would be posing for Playboy Magazine. It was not long before Tori and Sable were at odds...

She went on to defeat Tori at WrestleMania 1999 for the women's title, all while her Playboy issue became the biggest selling issue in history. Rena Mero went on to be featured on many talk shows, and was greatly covered by the media; However, in the midst of all the media attention, a bitter dispute with her and the WWF resulted in her leaving the company. Her last WWF appearance happened in controversial fashion, where she lost the WWF Women's Champion on May 10, 1999 to Debra Marshall in an Evening Gown match. The controversy was the fact that she actually won the match; however, the then on-screen "WWF Commissioner" Shawn Michaels came to the ring after the match, and awarded the Title to Debra.

The release went mainstream, as she filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWF. The lawsuit was settled out of court in late-1999. During her absence from the wrestling business, she appeared on numerous shows, and had acting roles on Relic Hunter, Sci-Fi's First Wave, and more.

Rena Lesnar In 2003, Sable shocked the wrestling world by returning to WWF... now named the WWE, as a Smackdown Superstar. She returned on April 3rd, 2003's edition of Smackdown, interrupting Torrie Wilson's Playboy "Coming Out" party. In the weeks that followed, she played psychological games with Torrie. This included the April 24, 2003 episode of Smackdown, where she set-up Nidia and Dawn Marie to attack Torrie after the "Sable Invitational bikini contest." At Backlash 2003, she also instigated a fight between Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. Her ego would then be crushed, when she was defeated in a bikini contest at Judgment Day, when Tazz declared Torrie Wilson the winner. Sable got a huge reaction, and many felt that she had won the contest, despite being the heel in the angle.

She then went on the feud with Stephanie McMahon, starting On the June 5, 2003 edition of Smackdown, where shewas appointed by Vince McMahon to be the assistant to General Manager Stephanie McMahon. This was one of Vince McMahon's schemes to get Stephanie to leave her position as general manager, and Sable did not hide her ambition on wanting to become GM. The feud led Sable to defeating Stephanie in a match on July 27, 2003, at the WWE's Vengeance Pay-Per-View. Shee pinned Stephanie after she was run-over by male wrestler A-Train. The ladies continued their rivalry, as she played a vital role in Vince McMahon's feud against his daughter. Sable even exchanged words with Vince McMahon's wife Linda McMahon, and even kicked Linda in the stomach. On October 19, 2003, at No Mercy, Vince McMahon beat Stephanie McMahon in an "I Quit." Because of stipulations, Stephanie was no longer GM, Sable however, was not appointed the new GM either, to her dismay.

On February 5, 2004's edition of Smackdown, announcer Rue DeBonna, announced that she and Torrie would appear in Playboy together. The two would then be seen together on WWE television, promoting the issue in the weeks that followed. The new found partnership would led them to a March 14, 2004 Wrestlemania XX"Playboy Evening Gown" match, where they defeated Jackie Gayda and Stacy Keibler.

On June 24, 2004's edition of Smackdown, she turned on Torrie, as both ladies had a catfight, which led to her defeating Torrie Wilson in a wrestling match on June 27, 2004 at the Great American Bash Pay-Per-View. Torrie then defeated her with DDT in the rematch on the July 1st, 2004 edition of WWE Smackdown.

Rena then went on, in a very controversial interview, to criticize the WWE, and their sexism with female talent. On August 10, 2004, announced that Rena Mero had been released from the company.

In 2004, Rena was officially divorced from Marc, and she also began dating wrestler Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar went on to compete for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), with Rena accompanying him at many events. The couple later got married, with Sable having two sons for Brock Lesnar. She now goes by Rena Lesnar.

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