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Real Name:
Nidia Lynnette Guenard
Wrestling Names:
125 lbs
March 12, 1979
Houston, Texas
Trained by:
Al Snow, Tazz, Jacqueline, Terri Pcch
Signature moves:
Swinging neckbreaker, Bridging northern lights suplex, Diving crossbody
Finishing moves:

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  • Nidia Guenard Biography
  • In early 2001 the WWE started filming a reality TV show/contest called Tough Enough, in which 13 individuals went through training and eventually 2 contestants that were "Tough Enough" would receive WWE developmental contracts! Well along w/ Maven, Nidia was also the winner of the 1st ever Tough Enough!

    She had a rather brief stint on WWE TV, helping her co-champion Maven get a victory over Tazz and then she disappeared off TV. Nidia was sent down to OVW (WWE's developmental center) to continue her training! In OVW Nidia was a stand out superstar & a fan favorite! She had a rather brief fude w/ Synn and then moved to fued with a future WWE ladies champ; Victoria! Even though Victoria kicked Nidia's ass quite a few times Nidia did manage to get a few victories as well!

    In June of 2002, she got the "call up" and became a Superstar on the Smackdown roster. The Nidia on Smackdown was a little different from the one seen in OVW! This Nidia portrayed a trashy trailer park slut willing to do anything to help her man (Jamie Noble) win; she even helped him win the Cruiserweight title!

    As of right now Nidia has been in a very entertaining and has an on going fude with Torrie Wilson! Who know what the future holds for this charismatic young superstar! - Dee

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