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Molly Holly

    Real Name: Nora Greenwald
    Hometown: Forest Lake Minnesota
    Height: 5'4" - Weight: 140lbs
    Debut: 1997 - Aliases: Mona/Miss Madness (WCW), Lady Ophelia, Ophelia, Mighty Molly, Molly Holly, Starla Saxton (Indies)
    Birthday: September 7, 1977
    Finishing Move: Molly-go-round
    Signature Moves: Frankensteiner, Grounded spinning arm wringer, The Hurricanrana, Bridging Northern Lights Suplex, Missile Dropkick, Double Handspring Back Elbow Smash, Twin City Twister & Indian Death Lock.

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Molly Holly
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Molly Holly
2004 WWE
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Nora Greenwald - Biography

WCW - Mona aka Miss Madness Nora began her wrestling career in 1997, and had early guidance by the great Dean Malenko. She worked under the name Starla Saxton . Starla Sexton and quickly made a name for herself. On August 8th 1997 she defeated The Wench for the WPWF (World Professional Wrestling Federation) Women's title and her stellar performances even landed her a television match on October 11, 1998 on WWF Heat as Jacqueline (Jackie Moore) defeated her to retain the WWF Women's title.

It wouldn't be long before she gained national attention as she was hired by WCW, where she was first known as Miss Madness. Nora's first booking in WCW as part of the stable "Team Madness," gave her all the attention she needed as one of Randy Savage's valets, along with his girlfriend Gorgeous George and Madusa. During this time, "Miss Madness" pulled off great moves against all of Randy's opponents and often helping him pick up the wins.

WCW - Mona vs. Madusa After being dropped as Randy's valet Mona moved on to the next level; she herself got into the ring showing that she's move than T&A and can hold her own in the ring. She was then known as "Mona" and lived up to the great ability she showed in the Independent scene. She was the central women's wrestler for WCW at the time, and she captivated WCW fans in matches against Madusa, Brandi Alexander, Little Jeanie, Rhonda Singh and even mixing it up with male wrestlers from time to time. Behind the scenes, she trained many of the WCW female however in Summer of 2000, she was released from her WCW contact.

Molly Holly The WWF saw this opportunity and signed Nora to a contract and she took on the role of Molly Holly. She made her debut on November 6th, 2000's RAW as the cousin of Crash and Bob Holly, attacking Trish Stratus which instantly started a feud. Days later at Survivor Series 2000, Crash Holly, Molly Holly and Steve Blackman defeated Trish Stratus, Test and Albert. "Molly Holly" was instantly over with WWE fans, and received huge pops from live audiences. She went on to defeat Trish Stratus with a somersault on Smackdown (November 23 2000) and defeating Kaientai in December in an inter-gender tag-team match with Crash Holly.

Molly Holly In 2001, she continued to wrestle and a love storyline came into play with herself and Spike Dudley (Matt Hyson). The storyline weekend her on screen relationship with "cousins," Bob and Crash Holly. Molly even defeated Crash Holly in a match on Raw July 2, 2001. In October, Molly broke it off with Spike and became "Might Molly", the superhero partner of The Hurricane (Gregory Shane Helms). The character was a low point in WWE her career, because she was neither a defined heel nor face causing arena reaction to be poor.

Molly Holly In April 2002, the Mighty Molly angle was dropped and she turn heel in a feud yet again with Trish Stratus. The feud lead to her becoming the WWE Women's Champion at the 2002 King of the Ring Pay Per View. She later lost the Women's Title on September 22, 2002 at Unforgiven to Trish Stratus. She continued on being a participant in the WWE Women's division into 2003, taking a back seat to wrestlers such as Trish Status, Victoria, and Jazz.

In June 2003, an injured Jazz dropped the Women's Title to Gail Kim, which was short lived as Molly Holly defeated Gail Kim on Raw is War to win the title (July 28, 2003). Molly picked up where Jazz left off and the Women's Division's top heel. She formed an alliance with Gail Kim and she became one of the longest reining Women's Champions. Big wins included defeating Lita at Survivor Series 2003, and Ivory at Armageddon 2003.

On February 23rd, 2004 on Raw, Victoria defeated Molly Holly, Lita & Jazz in a 4-way elimination to win the Woman's championship, this lead to a Wrestlemania match between Victoria and herself. After losing the match, Molly had her head completely shaved due to the stipulations of the match. Weeks after, she wore wigs that were often pulled off in matches to reveal a bald head. After time, her hair grew back and she continued to wrestle in the Women's division, however she was never used in the forefront. In late 2004, Molly survived the shocking release of numerous Women's Wrestlers in the WWE however in April 12, 2005 she requested her own release from the WWE.
Since the WWE, Nora Greenwald has made numerous appearances in the Independent scene, and toured the country with former WWE Women's Champion Ivory.

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