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Mickie James

Real Name:
Mickie Laree James
Wrestling Names:
Mickie James, Alexis Laree, Vicki Adams, Princess Alexis
120 lb
Date of Birth:
August 31, 1979
Montpelier, Virginia
Trained by:
The Funkin' Dojo, KYDA Pro Training School
Signature moves:
Lou Thesz press, Arm trap neckbreaker, victory roll, monkey-flip, Mick–a–rana
Finishing moves:
Mickie–DDT (Jumping DDT), Roundhouse kick

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Mickie James Biography

  • Mickie James: Championships & Accomplishments

    - SCW Diva Champion (2001);
    - CSWF Womens Champion (2003);
    - PWF Pro Wrestling Universal Womens Champion (2003).
    - ICW Junior Heavyweight Champion (2003)
    - DCW Women's Champion (2003)
    - UCW Women's Champion (2003)
    - WWE Women's Champion (4x)

Alexis Laree - Mickie James - WWE WOmen's Champion Mickie Laree James was born on August 31st 1979 and grew up in Montpelier, Virginia. After High School, she trained at KYDA's Wrestling School and then later at Dory Funk's Dojo. She served as a valet for numerous male wrestlers early in her career, including helping Tommy Dreamer win the Heavy Weight Title in KYDA. She would inevitability make the transition to a wrestler and quickly established herself in the independent circuit. She wrestled for Florida Championship Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Women's Extreme Wrestling, Maryland Championship, Lady Sports and other federations, taking on the likes of Lexie Fyfe Simply Luscious, Mercedes, Valentina, Malia, April Hunter, Kara Slice, Amanda Storm, and numerous other wrestles including male wrestlers.

In early 2003, Alexis wrestled a WWE dark match against Dawn Marie, however, she was not signed to a WWE developmental contract until later in the year. She then become a NWA-TNA superstar, working with Amazing Red, against Kid Kash and Trinity. She later team with Raven, who was in a rivalry against Jeff Jarett. On August 21, 2003 Alexis Laree signed a developmental contract with the WWE and began working for Ohio Valley Wrestling. In Ohio Valley Wrestling Alexis defeated Jillian Hall, Nikita, Mike Mondo, Miss Passion and numerous others.

On October 10th, 2005, Alexis made her RAW debut as "Mickie James", by running down to assist Trish Stratus against Victoria. She then begin a storyline as Trish Stratus's #1 Fan, and would often be teamed up in matches with her. On December 12th, 2005, Mickie James defeated Victoria on Raw, to become the in a #1 Contenders for the WWE Women's Champion. On January 8th, 2006 at the New Years Revolution Pay Per View, Trish Stratus defeated Mickie James to retain the Women's title. Thus far, she was still playing the overly enthused Trish fan, but that soon change. Soon after, she became jealous of Trish's friendship with Ashley Massaro and attacked Ashley on consecutive Raw shows, which lead to a grudge match. On January 29th, 2006 at the Royal Rumble, Mickie Jamies defeated Ashley Massaro with Trish Stratus as the guest referee, and also confess that she loved Trish, pushing the storyline in a lesbian direction. The next night on Raw, (January 30th, 2006), Mickie James had a celebration of Trish Stratus, however Ashley made a spectacle of the segment, and dub her as being a Psycho, much to the arenas delight. In the weeks that followed, Mickie's actions and promos went in the direction of her having mental issues.

Alexis Laree She and Trish developed a heated rivalry, leading up to April 2nd 2006 at WrestleMania 22, in which Mickie James defeated Trish Stratus to win the Women's title. An interesting note from the arena was the crowd as fully behind her, and giving Trish heat, Mickie who was heel, became a fan favorite that night. The two would had a rematch on April 30th, 2006 at Backlash: Trish Stratus defeated Mickie James by DQ, thus Mickie remained the Women's champ. Trish Stratus legitimately become injured in the match, but despite that, she continued to make appearances to continue her rivalry with Mickie, in order to support a feud with Beth Phoenix against her. On June 5th, 2006 on RAW, Beth Phoenix w/Trish Stratus defeated Victoria who was accompanied by Mickie, Beth however would get injured in the match, putting a halt to the feud.

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