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Melina Perez

Profile & Facts
Real Name:
Melina Nava Perez
Wrestling Names:
Melina, Kyra, Melanie Little Dear
5'4" (1.63 m)
123 lb
Date of Birth:
March 9, 1979
Los Angeles, California
April 2002
Trained by:
Jesse Hernandez (EWF), Ultimate University (UPW) & OVW
Signature moves:
Bodyscissors, Bow and arrow stretch, double knee drop
Finishing moves:
Last Call (sunset flip powerbomb), Sunset Split (leg drop bulldog)

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Melina Perez Biography

Championships & Accomplishments:

Melina Perez began her wrestling career at EWF School of Hard Knocks. Although she was a wrestling fan, she didn't take the initiative until after approached by Mikey Henderson (Suicide Kid) who noted that getting into the business would be a great option. She wrestled in the independent wrestling scene under the name Kyra. Notable recognition came as being part of Ultimate Pro Wrestling and the final 25 in MTV's Tough Enough competition.

In March of 2004, she began making appearances in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the training ground for the WWE at the time, and she began working storylines with John Hennigan, Matt Cappotelli and others. On November 29th 2004's edition of Raw, she made her Monday Night Raw debut as a RAW Diva during Randy Orton's "Diva Lingerie" Contest and she continued to make a few appearances with the other WWE women in segments and contests. However, she was quickly taken off of Raw.

Melina, Joey Mercury & Johnny NitroIn April 2005, she made a return as a valet for the Smackdown tag-team; MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro). In that same month, she helped her team become the tag-team champions. It was evident that her role on Smackdown was going to be substantial. It was not long before she got into conflicts with other WWE Divas. On June 23rd 2005's Smackdown, she got into a catfight with Michelle McCool, and a week later she defeated her in a wrestling match. Great American Bash 2005 - Melina Perez vs. Torrie WilsonShe then went on to have a confrontations with Smackdown Divas; Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson, which escalated to her defeating Torrie Wilson in 2005's Great American Bash Pay Per View. She then had altercations with Booker T and Sharmell Sullivan, leading to her and Joey Mercury defeating Booker T and Sharmell on the August 18th, 2005 episode of Smackdown, with the help of Jillian Hall. A feud with Christy Hemme soon followed. On September 30th's episode of Smackdown, she defeated Christy Hemme in a wrestling match, but would come up short at No Mercy that year as The Legion of Doom & Christy Hemme defeated her and MNM.

Melina versus Trish StratusIt wasn't long before she went after the WWE Women's Championship gold. On November 14th 2005, on a special RAW, she won a Nine-Diva Inter-promotional Battle Royal, and challenged Trish Stratus to a Women's title match. She got her shot at the gold after weeks of confrontations with Trish Stratus, she however came up short; at Survivor Series 2005... Trish Stratus--with Mickie James defeated her, despite being accompanied by MNM for the Women's title match. Although the match-up was physically charged with huge crown participation, the feud with Trish ended. Melina then continued her impact on Smackdown into 2006. On May 21st 2006 at Smackdown's Judgment Day Pay Per View, MNM lost the Tag-Team titles, as well as Jillian Hall defeating Melina Perez. She and Johnny Nitro complained to Theodore Long at the Pay Per View and were fired. This booking was basically to send her and Johnny Nitro to the Raw brand. On the May 29th 2006 RAW edition, it was official, as she accompanied Johnny Nitro in his match against John Cena.

Melina Perez made the transition from Smackdown to Raw. There she reignited her rivalry with Trish and formed an unlikely friendship with Mick Foley. The friendship with Mick Foley ended on August 21th 2006 on RAW when Mick Foley was tricked into kiss Vince McMahon's ass in order to save her from being fired. She then turned on Mick Foley and it was he who got fired. On October 9th 2006 on RAW, the hunt for the WWE Women's Title continued when she defeated Torrie Wilson in the 1st Round of the Women's Title Tournament, a week later another friendship was brought to television as she was in the middle of a storyline involving Kevin Federline (ex-husband to Britney Spears). Melina Perez, Kevin Federline and Johnny NitroOctober 23rd 2006 on RAW, Mickie James defeated her in the 2nd Round of the Women's Title Tournament. Despite the loss, she was still in the spotlight as her storyline with Kevin Federline and John Cena continued.

After her involvement in the Kevin Federline vs. John Cena storyline ended, her quest to become the WWE Women's Champ continued. In 2007, she was involved frequently in match ups in the midst of a Victoria vs. Mickie James feud. The feud then transitioned into herself against Mickie James. On February 5th, 2007, she came up short of a title win, however two weeks later; she defeated Mickie James to become the WWE Women's Champion.

After victories against Maria Kanellis and Mickie James, a feud against Ashyley Massaro came into play. The feud culminated in a Wrestlemania 23 victory against Ashley for the Women's Championship in a Lumberjill match (April 1, 2007). After her feud with Ashley, her rivalry against Mickie James re-ignited. This lead to an April 24, 2007 WWE Live Event, in which Mickie James defeated her for title. She however regained the belt the same night in a re-match. A title feud against Candice Michelle followed. After weeks of matches, on June 24, 2007, Candice Michelle defeated her to become WWE Women's Champion at Vengeance 2007. Melina wins Women's TitleOn July 22, 2007 at the Great American Bash, Candice Michelle defeated Melina to retain the WWE Women's title. She then continued to wrestle on Raw throughout 2007, into 2008, with more losses than victories. In early 2008, she picked up numerous victories over Mickie James, Maria Kannellis and in tag-team matches. This included the March 10th 2008 airing of Raw, where she defeated Maria after hitting the Sunset Split. She then went on to team up with the Women's Champion Beth Phoenix at WWE WrestleMania 24 to defeat Maria and Ashley Massaro. The following month, she was on the winning side of a 12-Diva Tag-Team match at 2008's Backlash Pay-Per-View. It was not long before Melina and Beth were at each other's throats, and she was defeated in a Women's Title match at One Night Stand with I Quit rules. A few weeks later she took some time off due to a heel injury, but returned at the end of 2008. She kept her eyes on the Women's title into 2009, and on January 25th 2009 at the Royal Rumble, she defeated Beth to become a 3-Time Champion. Her reign last 154 days, where she lost the belt on June 28 at the 2009's "The Bash" Pay-per-view to Michelle McCool., Melina

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