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Madison Eagles

Real Name:
Alexandra Ryan
Wrestling Name(s):
Madison Eagles
6' 1"
160 lbs
Date of Birth:
June 5, 1984
Sydney, Australia
November 2001
Trained by:
IWA (International Wrestling Australia) Training School, Cody Hawk (HWA)
Signature Moves:
Lariet, "The Soaring Eagle" (springboard moonsault), “Diving Eagle” (Running Cannonball off the apron)
“Hellbound” (DVD onto the knee), “Eagles Trap” (Triangle Submission)

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Madison Eagles
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Madison Eagles
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Madison Eagles - Biography:

Madison Eagles: Championships & Accomplishments
    Wrestler Madision Eagles
    -International Wrestling Australia (IWA) Women's Championship
    -Shimmer Championship

    Rankings, Awards & Tournaments
    - Wrestling Clothesline Top 50 (#27 in 2009)
    - PWI Female 50 (#31 in 2009)

Madison Eagles began her wrestling career training at IWA (International Wrestling Australia) in 2001. She began working for the company, where she made her debut as the body guard for AJ Freely. She later had her first match in November 2001, against Katherine Nixxon. It wasn't long began Madison began wrestling shows in the USA. Between 2003 and 2006 worked for such promotions as HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association), USA Pro Wrestling,Thundergirls and more, wrestling such names as AJ Sparks, Neveah and Hellena Heavenly. Highlights included time at OVW's Trainig camp, where she trained along side wrestlers Chistopher Daniels, Elijah Bourke and Jillian Hall. Back in Australia, she became Co-Owner of PWA Australia, and wrestled for companies such as PWA Melbourne, PWA Canberra, PWA Queensland and continued on to become the founder of the Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance. Madison is also one of the Head Trainers of the PWA Australia Training School.

In 2008, Madison was defeated by Daizee Haze in Ring of Honor, as well as wrestling for CHIKARA, and went on to debut in Shimmer Women Athletes with Jessie McKay. Known as "The Pink Ladies," they were defeated by Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews on SHIMMER Volume 21, and by Malia Hosaka & Lexie Fyfe on volume 22. It wasn't long before Madison was wrestling singles matches, suffering loses against Shimmer's toughest athletes; Sara Del Rey (Volume 23) and Mercedes Martinez (Volume 24). On Volume 29 she picked up a win over Sassy Stephie, and found herself in a number one contenders match on Volume 30 against Cheerleader Melissa. Madison won that match, and went on to defeat MsChif on Shimmer Volume 31, to become the third woman in history to hold the title.

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