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Real Name:
Jaime Lynne
Wrestling Names:
Lollipop, Jaime
5'7" (1.70 m)
118 lb
Date of Birth:
March 17, 1979
Nashville, Tennessee
Trained by:
Bully Douglas, Leilani Kai
Signature moves:
Finishing moves:

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Lollipop - Biography:

Lollipop: Championships & Accomplishments
    - WEW Tag Team Championship
      Lollipop held the Women's Extreme Wrestling Tag Team Titles with Amber O'Neal as as "Team Blondage".

Lollipop, the sexy, blonde bombshell from Nashville, TN, has quickly become one of the most popular stars on NWA-TNA's weekly pay-per-view event who the fans just can't get enough of&weather she is dancing in her TNA cage, talking a little trash on the mic, having a wild catfight or battling it out in the ring, the fans just can't get enough of her.

Lollipop had watched wrestling since she was a little girl and one day she decided she wanted to enter the business. She said the "rush" she got when she first went in front of a crowed was everything she expected and then some. She is an admitted "adrenalin addict" who enjoys fast cars, bungee jumping and most sports&much like Trinity wrestling was the next natural step for her. Lollipop entered the Indies as a valet and quickly realized she wanted to do more&she wanted to wrestle. So she started training with former WWE Ladies Champ LeiLani Kai, who taught her the basics and then she started to train under the men who she was managing Chase Stephens & Ron Harris.

When Lollipop found out NWA TNA was looking for permanent TNA dancers she tried out and got the job. She was signed to be a dancer NOT a wrestler but she figured she had her foot in the door and she would eventually get her chance and she was right. In early 2003 she had her 1st NWA TNA match with Hollywood&where she had her top rip off revealing her naked breasts. Lollipop got a lot of heat with some fans for that but she did not let it get to her&she said she did what her job asked of her, an even though she feels bad about it she does not regret it because she has a tattoo on her back that says "only God can judge me" and she lives by those words.

Some fans assumed Lollipop would go back to being a TNA dancer after having her top ripped off but they where wrong. Lollipop and fellow TNA Dance April Pennington currently are involved in a fude with the girls of Bytch Slap (Tracy Brooks, Valentina and Nurse Veronica) and Lollipop recently went at it with Trinity who brought the pain with a vicious Power Bomb!

Lollipop is young and has yet to crack her potential. She has love and respect for the business and is in it for the long run. She has a big and very bright future ahead of her in this industry.

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