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Linda Miles

    Real Name: Linda M. Miles
    Birthdate: August 28, 1978
    Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Trained by: Tough Enough 2 trainers: Al Snow; Chavo Guerrero, Jr.; Hardcore Holly; Ivory; and Jacqueline
    Favortie/Signature moves: Powerbomb; Dropkick; Big boot

    Tough Enough 2 Champion

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  • Linda Miles/Shaniqua Biography
  • Linda Miles - Women's Basketball Linda Miles first got into the limelight in Rutgers University where she was part of the Women's basketball team.

    After college, and not accepted by the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association), Linda Miles decided that wrestling may be the path she wanted to take. Knowing this, she tried out for Tough Enough 2 on MTV, and made it into the house. Linda was a standout in the competition, she was strong, fast, agile & most of all she was tough. In a very controversial decision, both Linda Miles and Jackie Gayda walked away with WWE contracts, beating out the male finalists.

    Linda Miles -vs Jackie Gayda After wining the contest, unlike Nidia (who was one of the Tough Enough I winners), Linda & Jackie were immediately put on television. Linda's first match was against her trainer Ivory and she would have won if not for her co-champion Jackie turning on her (June 8, 2002 on Velocity). This lead to a short feud between the two, where Linda got the better of Jackie's several times One match included June 13th 2002 on Smackdown! when Trish Stratus & Linda defeated Ivory & Jackie Gayda. Both ladies however were pulled of television and sent to OVW after Jackie Gayda had a disastrous match.

    Matches in OVW included February 5th 2003 when Jazz & Linda Miles defeated Nikita & Jackie Gayda. Linda returned to WWE television on June 12th 2003 on Smackdown! as "Shaniqua," the manager of the Basham Brothers. Linda Miles was very instrumental in helping the Bahshams with wins, and getting very physical. She also dominated the women of Smackdown. After issues with the WWE, she was send back to OVW and on November 12th 2004, Linda Miles is released from her WWE developmental contract.

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