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Jumping Bomb Angels

Name : Noriyo Tateno
Birth: December 1, 1965
Height: 5'5
Debut:: July 12 1981, vs. Kazue Sakamoto


    Noriyo Tateno - Titles Held:

      - WWF Woman's Tag Team titles;
      - WWWA Tag Team titles;
      - AJW Junior title;
      - All Pacific title;
      - LLPW Singles title;
      - LLPW Six Woman Tag Team titles (2);

  • August 10 1982 - Defeated Chigusa Nagayo to win the AJW Junior title

  • November 18 1989 - Defeated Bull Nakano to win the All Pacific title

  • September 23 1993 - Defeated Shinobu Kandori to win the LLPW Singles title

  • December 12 1997 - With Yasha Kurenai & Rumi Kazama, won the LLPW Six Woman tag team title

  • April 25 1999 - With Keiko Aono and Harley Saito, won the LLPW Six Woman tag team titles

Name : Itsuki Yamazaki
Height: 5'5"

    Itsuki Yamazaki - Titles Held:

      - WWF Woman's Tag Team titles;
      - WWWA Tag Team titles;

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  • Jumping Bomb Angels - Biography
    • The Jumping Bomb Angels are on of the most celebrated Tag-teams in American and Japanese Woman's Wrestling History. Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki first became recognized as a team in Japan, capturing the WWWA World tag team titles however they were later defeated by the Crush Girls. Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki later took America by storm in the WWF, amazing the areas with their fast pace and aerial maneuvers. The ladies would capture the WWF Women's Tag-Team titles and feud with Leilani Kai & Judy Martin. Of the two Noriyo Tateno was probably more recognized for her time as a singles wrestler.

      Spotlight Matches:

    • January 5th, 1986 - The Jumping Bomb Angels wins the WWWA World tag team titles
      • defeating Bull Nakano & Condor Saito
          March 20th, 1986: Lioness Asuka & Chigusa defeated The Jumping Bomb Angels to win the WWWA Tag Team titles

      WWF Debut: November 1987

    • Survivor Series 1987: Survivors of Woman's division Survivor Series match!
      • The Fabulous Moolah, Velvet McIntyre, Jumping Bomb Angels and Rockin' Robin vs. Sherri Martel, Lelani Kai, Judy Martin, Dawn Marie and Donna Christanello
        Survivors: Jumping Bomb Angels

    • Royal Rumble 1988: The Jumping Bomb Angels defeated the Glamour Girls in a best 2/3 falls match to win the Woman's Tag Team titles.
      • June 8, 1988: The Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai & Judy Martin) defeated The Jumping Bomb Angels to regain the WWF Woman's Tag

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