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Judy Martin

    Real Name: Judith Hardee
    Wrestling Aliases: Judy Martin
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 155lbs.
    Finisher(s): Powerbomb
    Favorite/Signature Moves: Leg drop, Knee drop, Powerbomb
    Notable Feuds/Rivalries/Title chases: Jumping Bomb Angels: Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki (WWF Women's Tag Team Title feud), Rockin' Robin (WWF woman's title chase), Candice Pardue, Velvet McIntyre & Desiree Peterson.


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  • Championships & Accomplishments

    - AJW NWA International Tag Team title;
    - AJW All-Pacific title;
    - WWF Women's World Tag Team title w/Leilani Kai (2);
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    - LPWA Tag Team title;
    - LMLW Tag Team title;


    Judy Martin Judy Martin is a former American Women's Professional Wrestler. She is best known for being a mainstay in the WWF Women's Division in the 1980's. She often wrestled as a heel and is one of the first wrestlers in America to use the powerbomb.

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