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Josie - Pro Wrestler

    Ring Name(s): Josie, Josie Robinson, Sojourner Bolt, Sojo
    Height: 5' 4
    Weight: 140lbs
    Birthday: September 11, 1977
    Hometown : Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Trained by : Eddie Sharkey; Eric Priest
    Wrestling Debut : April 2003
    Signiture Move(s) & Finisher(s): Pop-Lock-N-Drop (spinning spinebuster); The Dreadlock (single-leg boston crab); suplex variations and neckbreaker variations.
    Music Themes: : "Enemy" By Sevendust, "Ms. New Booty" By Bubba Sparxx




    Josie (Sojo Bolt) - Biography

  • Josie: Championships & Accomplishments

    - 3XW Women's title defeating Ann Thraxx
    - MIW Women's title defeating Rain
    - OVW Women's Championship defeating Katie Lea
    - UCW-AWA Women's title defeating Super J
    - WLW Women's title defeating Ms. Natural
    - XBW Women's title defeating Jade Chung

    Wrestler Josie Josie was first inspired to get into wrestling after seeing Lita (Amy Dumas) in the ring. She began training with Eddie Sharkey, and made her wrestling debut in April of 2003. She quickly held gold, winning the MIW (Minnesota Independent Wrestling) Women's title defeating Rain (Bonnie Maxon). She later won the WLW (Harley Race's World League Wrestling) Women's title by defeating Ms. Natural in November of 2004 in Kansas City, MO. Ms. Natural later beat her for the title in April of 2005. Josie later won the title once again in November of 2005 defeating Wonderful Wendy. Other title she won that year was the XBW Women's title, UCW-AWA Women's and 3XW Women's title.

    In 2006, she picked up numerous victories against Malia Hosaka in World League Wrestling, and feuded with MsChif in NWA Midwest. The year, she made a big splash in Shimmer, being involed in huge tag matches where she and Ariel, were defeated by Malia Hosaka & Lexie Fyfe, herself Cindy Rogers & Ariel were also defeated by Amazing Kong & Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka in a 6-Woman Tag. In other Shimmer volumes into 2007, she took on Amber O'Neal, Portia Perez and Rain and often tag-teamed with Ariel. In SHIMMER Volume 16, herself and Ariel defeated Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews.

    During 2007, she began working in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) and has taken on Serena Deeb, Katie Lea, OBD and more. On February 27, 2008, Josie defeated Katie Lea to win the OVW Women's Championship.

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