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Jillian Hall

Real Name:
Jillian Faye Fletcher
Wrestling Names:
Jillian, Jillian Hall, Macaela Mercedes
130 lbs
Date of Birth:
September 6, 1980
Ashland, Kentucky
Trained by:
Dave "Fit" Finlay, Steve Keirn, Lance Storm
Signature moves:
Handspring back elbow smash, Cartwheel splash, Cartwheel elbow drop, Hair Pull snapmare
Finishing moves:
450 splash, Full nelson facebuster, Sitout facebuster

Jillian Hall Pictures:


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Championships & Accomplishments
    Wrestler Jillian Hall
    -WWE Divas Championship
    -Professional Girl Wrestling Association Championship
    -Women's Wrestling Alliance Women's Championship
    -Superstar Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship
    -Superstar Wrestling Federation Women's Championship
    -Blue Water Championship Wrestling Women's Championship
    -Canadian International Wrestling Women's Championship
    -Southern States Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship
    -Hoosier Pro Wrestling Championship
    -Hoosier Pro Wrestling Women's Championship
    -Mid-States Championship Wrestling Title

    Rankings, Awards & Tournaments
    - PWI Female 50 (#34 in 2008)
    - PWI Female 50 (#28 in 2009)

When Jillian first began competing in the wrestling world, she was known as "Macaela Mercedes," and made a name for herself. Years later in 2003 she began wrestling in Ohio Valley Wrestling and was signed to a WWE development contract.

Jillian Hall On the July 28th 2005's edition of Smackdown, Julian Hall made her WWE television debut as the publicist for MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro with Melina Perez) and she dubbed herself the "fixer." Her angle also had another catch, she had a deformity on her cheek however, she paid immediate diffidence, in helping Melina defeat Torrie Wilson, and giving a story to MNM's Smackdown Magazine cover; stating that she was the reason they acquired that. Jillian also proved to be a great asset to MNM when she helped Joey Mercury & Melina Perez defeated Booker T & Sharmell Sullivan after she tripped Sharmell on the August 18, 2005 edition of Smackdown.

I'm September of 2005; she also became "The Fixer" for JLB (John Bradshaw Layfield). This took place on September 16th edition of Smackdown, which was the beginning of one of her most memorable angles. During that period, she also competed in many Diva match-ups including defeating Stacy Keibler in a Smackdown taping for Velocity (October 28, 2005). Defeating Mickie James in a November 9th OVW TV Taping and competing in a Nine-Diva Inter-promotional Battle Royal on November 14th 2005 for Mondy Night Raw. She ened the year competing at house shows against Christy Hemme and started an angle alongside JBL against "The Boogeyman."

Thanks to "The Boogeyman," Jillian's deformity; the disgusting mole she had on her cheek was bit off on January 13th 2006's Smackdown. The Boogeyman defeated John Bradshaw at the 2006 Royal Rumble and Jillian Hall then went on to feud with Kristal Marshall. On April 21st's SmackDown, JBL fired Jillian Hall, and she continued on by herself feuding against other WWE Women including Melina Perez, Kristal Marshall, Ashley Massaro, andMichelle McCool.

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