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Real Name:
Carlene Denise Moore-Begnaud
Wrestling Names:
Jazz, Jazzmine
145 lbs
August 27, 1973
Lafayette, Louisiana
Trained by:
Rod Price
Signature moves:
Sitout front powerslam, double chickenwing, Leg drop, spin kick, Running Splash
Finishing moves:
STF, Jazz Stinger (Sitout facebuster), Fisherman brainbuster

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Carlene Moore Begnaud Biography

Jazz: Championships & Accomplishments
    Wrestler Jazz
    -DCW (Downsouth Championship Wrestling) Louisiana State Championship
    -NWA Cyberspace Women's Championship
    -Women's Extreme Wrestling Championship
    -WWE Women's Championship

    Rankings, Awards & Tournaments:
    - WSU Hall of Famer 2010

    WrestlMania History:
    - 2002: Retaining her WWE Women's Championship at WrestleMania X8 agaisnt Trish Stratus & Lita.

    - 2003: Lost a Women's Championship match at WrestleMania agaisnt Trish Stratus & Victoria

    Trish vs. Jazz

Carlene Moore was born and raised in New Orleans, which is where she got the idea for her stage name "Jazz," seeing as New Orleans is the home and originator of Jazz music. In 1999, Jazz debut in ECW as the ringside assistant for Justin Credible and Jason under the name "Jazzmyn". During their matches she added salt to their opponent's wounds by pummeling them with devastating hardcore violence.

After month's of disrespect from an ungrateful Justin Credible, and Jason she decided to leave the duo and challenge Jason to a match at ECW's 1999 pay per view; Heatwave where she successfully defeated him. Jazz ended the match with a face buster to Jason unto a steal chair. The crowd was behind her and she earned credibility that night. She gained a huge credibility against male superstars in inter-gender matches seeing as there were no females to wrestle at the time, and those who crossed her path in ECW were squashed. She took out Angelica (WWE's Lita), Francine, Electra and others. She often aligned herself with male superstars, including Nova, and Tommy Dreamer. Months after the fold of ECW, the WWE called her in for a few Dark Matches against Ivory during Raw and Smackdown tapings.

Trish vs. Jazz Two months after these Dark Matches, Jazz debuted at WWE's Survivor Series 2001 Pay per view as the mystery opponent for the WWE Women's Title 6 - Pack Challenge, a title that was vacated by Chyna a few months earlier that year. Trish Stratus won the Match, however from that Night on Jazz made countless attacks on Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and the rest of the women of the roster. Soon after, she started a heated feud against Trish which eventually led to Jazz's winning the WWE Women's Title for the first time on February 4th 2002. This feud brought the WWE women's wrestling action that wasn't seen over the last couple of years, and she immediately brought credibility to women's in-ring performance, helping Trish Stratus become a respected worker. Jazz's biggest match in her reign was at WrestleMania 2002. At the Toronto Skydome, Jazz defeated Trish Stratus and Lita in a Triple Threat match for to retain the WWF Women's Title. Jazz's women's title reign was cut short due to an ACL injury in her left knee, which needed surgery. On May 13th 2002, Jazz dropped the title to Trish during a hardcore Tag-Team match for the WWE Hardcore & Women's Title's which consisted of Trish and Bubba Ray Dudley against her and Steven Richards. Trish won the title that night, and demanded Bubba Ray put Jazz threw a table and he did.

Bubba Ray vs. Jazz Trish vs. Jazz On January 27th 2003, Jazz made her WWE return after a Victoria and Trish Stratus Match. She walked down the ramp, pushing the Women's Champ: Victoria out of the way, and entered the ring to make a surprise attack on Trish Stratus. After her attack on Stratus, She Declared "I'm Back, BABY!!," and indeed she was. She blamed Trish for her injury and would go on to wrestle in a classic 3-way match at WrestleMania 2003 against Trish Stratus and Victoria. A month later, she became a 2 time WWE Women's Champion at the Backlash pay per view.

She was now managed by Teddy Long, which gave her and the women's Division even more credibility. He campaigned towards her becoming the next women's champion, and he was instrumental at backlash. One huge match of this reign was on May 18, 2003 at Judgment Day as she defeated Jacqueline, Trish Stratus & Victoria in a 4-way to retain the Woman's title. Soon after Ivory would see a winning streak against Women's Champ; on June 2nd 2003, June 9th, 2003, and June 16th 2003, with 3 wins on Raw, Ivory seemed to be on the road to becoming Women's Champ, the angle was seemingly dropped when she became injured with a shoulder injury. On June 30th 2003 on RAW, she lost the Woman's title in a battle royal. For the second time, her reign would be cut short because of an injury.

In January 2004, she made her return to WWE Television. She re-joined Teddy Long and Mark Henry. Throughout the year she took part in the Women's Division, but unfortunately did not win the title. On November 4, 2004, she was officially released from her World Wrestling Entertainment contract, although many felt as if she was one of the best women's Wrestlers the WWE has ever had. Gail Kim and Nidia were also released, cutting down the women's Division even more, Jacqueline was one of whom was released months earlier.

She quickly began to work the independent circuit, proving that despite being released, she was a true wrestler and would continue to work. On June 24th 2005 on NWA Cyberspace, she defeated April Hunter to win the Women's title.

In 2006, she re-signed with the WWE, to work under the new ECW brand. On June 7th 2006, on a special WWE vs ECW television show, Mickie James defeated her to retain the Women's championship. Besides a few house show appearances, on January 18th 2007, she and her husband Rodney Mack were both released from their contract, and she returned to wrestling on the Independent Circuit.

Bubba Ray vs. JazzIn November 2008, she gave birth to twin girls named Summer and Skye. After a short break, she returned to wrestling on the Indy scene. On December 12, 2009 Jazz made her debut in Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), defeating a former ECW and WEW rival Angel Orsini. That same night, she got in an altercation with Amber O'Neal, and challenged her to a match at WSU's 3rd Anniversary show (March 6, 2010). There she suffered a loss to Amber.


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