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Jackie Moore

    Real Name: Jacqueline DeLois Moore (More Real Names...)
    Height: 5'3" - Weight: 130 lbs. - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Birthday: January 6, 1966 (More Birthdays...)
    Wrestling Aliases: Miss Texas, "Pride Of Tennessee" Jackie Moore, Jacquelyn, Miss Jacqueline, Sweet Georgia Brown, Sgt. Rock
    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    WCW Debut: 1997 Managing Kevin Sullivan
    WWF Debut: 1998 Managing Marc Mero
    Finishing Move(s): DDT Variations, German suplex
    Favorite Move(s): Tornado DDT, Float-over DDT, German suplex, Spin kick, Single leg Boston crab, Headscissors takedown

Jacqueline Moore Biography

  Jacqueline Moore: Championships & Accomplishments

WWE Women's Champion Jacqueline

Photo © WWE
    - IAW (Independent Association of Wrestling) Women's Championship
- USWA Women's Heavyweight Championship - UWF Women's World Championship
- WWE Cruiserweight Championship
- WWF Women's Championship (2-Times)
Rankings, Awards & Tournaments
- First Woman to be ranked in P.W.I's top 500 wrestlers
    #249 in 1993
- Third degree black belt
- WWF Tough Enough Trainer (Season 1 of the MTV Reality Show)
- Lethalwow.com 2008 Manager/Valet of the Year
- PWI Top 50 Females (#17 in 2008)

  • Miss Texas Matches: 1991 to 1995
    • August 5, 1991 in Memphis, TN
      - Tom Prichard & Miss Texas beat Tony Anthony & The Dirty White Girl in a "street fight" match

      August 12, 1991 in Memphis, TN
      - Jeff Jarrett & The Dirty White Girl beat Miss Texas & Eric Embry in a "hair vs. hair" match when Texas was pinned.

      August 19, 1991 in Memphis, TN
      - Eric Embry & Miss Texas beat Jeff Jarrett & The Dirty White Girl in a "loser leaves town" match when White girl was pinned.

      August 26, 1991 in Memphis, TN
      - Rockiní Randy beat Miss Texas.

    Jacqueline Moore was born on January 6, 1964, in Dallas, Texas.

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