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Jackie Gayda
    Real Name: Jacquelyn Suzanne Gayda-Haas
    Aliases: Miss Jackie
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Hometown: Cleveland, OH
    Birthday: November 3, 1981
    Married: Wrestler, Charlie Haas
    Debut: 2002
    Trained by: Al Snow, Ivory, Bob Holly
    Signature Moves: Sunset Flip, Neckbreaker

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    Jackie Gayda-Haas Biography

    Jackie Haas: Championships & Accomplishments
      Wrestler Jackie Haas
      -WWE Tough Enough 2 Champion
        w/ Linda Miles

      - TNA - Knockout of the Year (2005)

    WWE Diva Jackie Gayda
    Photo WWE
    Jacquelyn Suzanne Gayda was born on November 3 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio. As she grew, she has a love for fitness which lead her to audition for WWF Tough Enough, a reality television show produced by World Wrestling Entertainment which aired on MTV, she however she did not make the cut. She auditioned once again for Tough Enough 2 and she made it in the house.

    With only one week left in her training, Jackie Gayda suffered an injury that could have ended her career before it even started! She tore her ACL! However Jackie knew she wanted a contract and she knew she was tough enough! It paid off when she was announced one of the winners of Tough Enough 2, in a rather controversial way, along with Linda Miles. Seeing as the first Tough Enough choose a male and a female as opposed to two women.

    Jackie was brought on to TV & turned heel by stabbing her friend Linda in the back (June 8, 2002-Velocity: Linda Miles was pushed off the top rope by Jackie Gayda, allowing her Tough Enough trainer: Ivory to pick up a win against Linda Miles) This led to a short feud with Linda Miles with Jackie often getting the short hand of the stick a few times! On July 7th 2002 on WWE RAW, Jackie Gayda's now infamous mixed tag with Trish happened; in which she botched several wrestling spots and was booed by the audience! After the match Jackie & Linda were sent to OVW to sharpen up their skills!

    In OVW Jackie joined the Revolution & become Victoria's assistant! However Victoria quickly found out that Jackie wanted to be the number 1 female in OVW! One night Jackie intentionally caused her guys a match & blamed it on Victoria, Victoria was then d out of the Revolution & Jackie became the dominant female! In OVW, Jackie Gayda feuded and had match-ups against Linda Miles, Jazz, Jillian Hall among others.

    In 2003, Jackie Gayda made her return to WWE television on the Raw brand, as valet to Rico. She accompanied Rico during matches and took part in WWE Diva matches and contests. Some memorable moments include November 24, 2003, RAW ROULETTE in which Trish Stratus defeated Miss Jackie in a "Bra & Panties" match, and March 14, 2004, Wrestlemania XX as Torrie Wilson & Sable defeated Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler in a "Playboy Evening Gown" match, after a short rivalry.

    After wrestlemania, Rico and Jackie moved to Smackdown! Jackie became associated with Charlie Hass on WWE television, both who were a real life couple. A feud against Dawn Marie soon followed. Match-ups include October 3, 2004, at No Mercy as Rico & Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie defeated The Dudley Boyz & Dawn Marie and on December 12th 2004 at Armageddon as Dawn Marie defeated Miss Jackie, a huge moment in their feud when Charlie Haas admitted to cheating on Jackie with Dawn Marie.

    In 2005 Jackie continued being involved in WWE Diva contests. On July 6, 2005, sad news came as Miss Jackie & Charlie Haas were both released from their WWE contracts. After a small stint on the Independent Circuit, Jackie made her way to NWA: Total Nonstop Action. Jackie Gayda gained some spotlight and even became TNA's Knockout of the Year 2005. On June 10th, 2005, Jackie Gayda married wrestler Charlie Haas and she gave birth to a child on December 14, 2006.

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