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Erica Porter

Real Name:
Erica D. Porter
Wrestling Names:
Erica Porter, Jungle Grrrl, X-Terminator
150 lb
Date of Birth:
October 31, 1974
Columbia, Maryland
Trained by:
WOW Women of Wrestling, Ultimate University (UPW)
Signature moves:
Superplex, Top Rope Headbutt
Finishing moves:
Jungle Splash

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    Erica Porter - Biography:

    Never hunt what you can't kill and that's the law of the jungle and if your not careful you might just end up splattered on the mat!

    This young self-proclaimed tomboy got bit by the wrestling bug fairly early in her life but she never though it would be a career option for her. The fiery Guatemalan-born wrestling phenom held a slew of odd jobs from construction worker to owning and running a gymnastics company before she found W.O.W. Erica auditioned for W.O.W thinking it was some kind of women's fantasy show but was delighted whens he found out it was an actual wrestling program.

    When WOW Women of Wrestling hit the airwaves, she made a huge impact as the female Tarzan of the ring Jungle Grrrl and other than one lost to Terri Gold (who she also holds a victory over) she was undefeated. She splattered ladies with her vicious Splash left and right and then came Beckie the Farmers Daughter. Beckie proclaimed on live television that she had the best Splash in the biz and that light a fire under Jungle Grrrl! The two ladies started a nasty fude, which went on for weeks and would finally end in a Splash Match at W.O.W Unleashed, W.O.W.'s 1st PPV. The two rookie wrestlers put on a great match which ended when Jungle Grrrl climbing a 20 foot ladder, jumping off and crashing into Beckie with a fantastic splash. After that it was clear that Erica had a future in the business and she continued to dominate the women of W.O.W and when it looked like she was gonna win the ladies title from Terri Gold and W.O.W got cancelled.

    After that, she worked Indy matches for a while getting more experience, beating ladies such as Lexie Fyfe and then in late 2002 she signed a deal with UPW. Erica was a stand out student at Ultimate University and was quickly propelled into the ever-growing UPW ladies division and it was only a matter of time before she won the UPW Ladies title. After she eliminated Looney Lane in a battle Royal Erica won the chance the battle Savvy for the UPW ladies title and when she did, Erica proved too tough for the little spitfire Savvy, she defeated her and then gave her the splash too add insult to injury.

    Erica had a try out match with the WWE and even though they did not sign her, it's well documented that they are interested and have their eye on her. She has UPW gold right now and can WWE gold be far away?

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