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Kim Neilson

Real Name:
Kim Nielsen
Wrestling Names:
Desire, Kim Neilson, Every Man's Desire
140 lbs
Date of Birth:
June 2, 1973
Falmouth, Michigan
Trained by:
Dusty Rhodes
Signature moves:
Finishing moves:
Lifting side slam, hurricanrana

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Kim Neilson (Desire) - Biography

Desire--Real Name Kim Nielsen, earned a living as a Fitness Model, and later decided to follow the footsteps of former Fitness Models turned wrestlers; Victoria and Trish Stratus, and get into the business. She looked into several schools; however, it was Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling "TCW" that caught her eye. It was there--for a year and a half--she learned most of her skills and had a feud with Former WCW Vixen and fellow TCW Trainee Daffney.

Impressed by her looks and athleticism, the WWE offered her a Developmental Contract in 2002, in which she excepted. In her short WWE career, she wrestled Ivory, Dawn Marie and was a tag partner for Torrie Wilson. In July of 2002, in a cost cutting measure, World Wrestling Entertainment released the promising Diva.

Later--in December of 2002, Kim made her debut for NWA-TNA (TNA Wrestling), as Every Man's Desire--a valet for Sonny Siaki. During her time with NWA-TNA Desire had rivalries with Athena, Goldylocks, and her most noticeable feud with Trinity. Both Desire and Trinity were popular superstars in TNA Wrestling at the time.

Desire's last appearance in TNA took place on September 8, 2004, where she wrestled in a 3-on-3 match---Desire, Erik Watts and Siaki defeated Abyss, Goldy Locks, and Alex Shelley.

In December of 2011, Kim Neilson was announced as a contest on The Biggest Loser Season 13, title "No Excuses." Kim weighed in at 252 lbs..

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