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Debra Marshall aka Debra McMichael
Real Name:
Debra Gale Marshall
Wrestling Names:
Debra McMichael, Queen Debra,
120 lbs
Date of Birth:
March 2, 1960
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Trained by:
Steve McMichael
Signature moves:
Hair-pull snapmare, Low blow, Slap

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Debra Marshall (Debra McMichael) - Biography

Debra McMichael: Championships & Accomplishments
    WWF Women's Champion Debra McMichael
    -WWF Women's Championship

    Rankings, Awards & Tournaments
    -Miss Texas USA in 1984 Runner-Up
    - PWI Manager of the Year (1999)
    - PWI Woman of the Year (1999)

Debra Marshall Debra began her wrestling career in World Championship Wrestling in 1996, and worked in storylines with her then husband, Steve "Mongo" McMichael. During her time in WCW, she not only managed Mongo, she managed Jeff Jarrett, Alex Wright, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Goldberg as well. Debra later parted ways with WCW and separated from her husband, (Debra and Mongo were officially divorced on October 12, 1998).

Debra reunited with Jeff Jarrett in 2008, in the WWF, as his valet. Debra played a heel valet, wearing business suits, and cheating to help Jarrett pick up wins. Debra later became a fan-favorite in the WWE, after constantly taking off or unbuttoning her blouse to expose her breasts in her bra. Her breasts became known as "puppies," which began "We want puppies," chants throughout live shows. In the years that followed, the chant was heard whenever a "WWE Diva," was at ringside, or wrestling match. Jerry Lawler on commentary, helped fuel the chants, by constantly wanting to see "puppies."

In February of 1999, Debra was a very instrumental part of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart consistently getting the upper hand in a tag-team feud against D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. To even the odds, D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry brought in "Ivory," as their valet, former GLOW Women's Champion. The two began a rivalry. They were often involved in catfights, and were booked in a few matches.

On the May 10, 1999 episode of Raw,Debra won the WWF Women's Championship from Sable, in an Evening Gown match. This was controversial, as it was Sable's last match before leaving the company in 1999. Based on established rules, Sable actually won the match, she was stripped of the title after the match by "Commissioner," Shawn Michaels. Whether it was a screw job by the WWF to Sable is still unclear. Debra held the title for a month, bringing her rivalry against Ivory to a closure as Ivory pinned Debra in a wrestling match on June 14, to become Women's champ.

In August 1999, Jeff Jarrett "hired," Miss Kitty as Debra's assistant, as a reward for great managerial services. This didn't last long, Jeff later tuned on Debra, and kept Miss Kitty. Debra went on to assist Chyna in the weeks to followed, to Chyna beating Jarrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

Into 2000, Debra was rarely used in the WWF. On September 6, 2000, Debra married "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. On WWE television, their marriage was acknowledged, and she became a vital part Stone Cold's storylines. In June 2002, Debra and Steve Austin parted ways with the WWE. The couple filed for divorce shortly after.

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