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Debbie Combs

Real Name:
Debbie Szestecki
Wrestling Names:
Debbie Combs, Darling Debbie, Debbie Dahl, Lady Satan, Princess Dee
Date of Birth:
April 18, 1959
Nashville, Tennessee
Trained by:
Cora Combs
Signature moves:
One-legged Monkey Flip, Body slam, Airplane spin, Body scissors, Snapmare, Slingshot catapult, Body press
Finishing moves:
Mexican Surfboard

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Debbie Combs - Biography:

Championships & Accomplishments

Debbie Combs made her wrestling debut in 1975 at just the tender age of 16 in a 7-woman battle royal for International Championship Wrestling. As a second generation wrestler, trained by her mother (Cora Combs), she learned about the business early on as she was on the road with her mother. Cora mentored her daughter further by competing against her as masked wrestler; "Lady Satan," early on.

Debbie went on to become one of the most recognizable female wrestlers of the 80's, and solidified her status as a legend on the 90's. Promotions Debbie worked for includes the National Wrestling Alliance, American Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Federation, Music City Wrestling, Wild West Wrestling, Delta Tiger Lilies and many more. Debbie wrestled the likes of Fabulous Moolah, Sheeri Martel, Madusa, Rockin' Robin and many more.

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