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    Real Name: Dawn Marie Psaltis
    Ring Name(s): Beulah McGuillislutty, Tammy Lynn Bytch, Dawn Marie Wilson
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120lbs
    Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ
    Birthday: November 3rd, 1970
    Debut: 1995
    Trained by: Simon Diamond; Mikey Whipwreck
    Signature moves: Leg stomps to crotch area, atomic drop, Single leg Boston Crab

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  • Dawn Marie's Biography
  • Dawn Marie Psaltis was born and raised in New Jersey. Dawn did a brief modeling stint before coming to wrestling, and then worked in many independant leagues before joining ECW,Such as PCW,AWC,& MCW. Her wrestling debut was at a New Jersey wrestling promotion, But it was is 1998 when she earned her big break. She was called by Bubba Ray Dudley to come for A try out with ECW, she accepted there offer and they paired her with Lance Storm during a match against Chris Candido who had his valet Tammy.

    Paul Heyman enjoyed the team of Lance and Dawn,and she agreed to become A full time manager for Lance. Dawn soon joined "The Impact Players" who also included Lance,Jazz,Justin Credible,and Jason. Soon after Justin Credible, left the team and Lance Storm moved onto WCW. Dawn then became the manager of Steve Corino,then she turned on him to join real life fiance Simon Diamond. Then in January 2001,ECW closed for good. Dawn Marie then worked in the independent leagues with Simon Diamond for a while, and then worked for XWF.

    Then In May 2002, every WWE fans dream came true when Dawn debuted on Smackdown as Vince McMahon's paralegal. Since then, Dawn has competed in matches and contests with other Smackdown talent such as Nidia, Torrie Wilson, Sable and Shaniqua.

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