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WWE Divas
Christy Hemme

Real Name:
Christina Lee Hemme
Wrestling Names:
Christy Hemme
115 lb
Date of Birth:
October 28, 1980
Poway, California
Trained by:
Dave Finlay
Signature moves:
Inverted DDT, Axe kick, Flying clothesline, Diving crossbody
Finishing moves:
FFG (Split-Legged Leg Drop)

Christy Hemme Biography:

Championships & Accomplishments:
    Wrestler Christy Hemme
    -2004 WWE Diva Search Winner
    -April 2005 Playboy Cover Girl

    Rankings, Awards & Tournaments
    - 2006 TNA Knockout of the Year (Official)
    - PWI Female 50 (#42 in 2009)

Seeing Christy Hemme going into the WWE's Diva Search contest you just knew she was a shoe-in for the job. Her blazing red hair and hyper attitude is what drew fans to her. While the Diva Search contest seemed like a dud, week after week the contestants had to endure odd and embarrassing situations such as a pie eating contest and trying to seduce eccentric over weight wrestlers. Christy however was always the most creative, and took a different direction due to her wild personality and that's what took her to the top of the contest. On September 20, 2004's Raw is War, Christy was revealed as the RAW Diva Search Contest winner.

After winning the contest, she was immediately treated as road kill by other WWE Divas such as Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, & Molly Holly. On September 27, 2004's Raw is war, Christy was attacked by these three ladies and stripped of her clothing. Her first spotlight match-up came soon after on October 19, 2004's Taboo Tuesday Pay Per View in which she defeated Carmella, who was the Diva Search contest runner up, in a "Lingerie Pillow Fight." Soon after in November that year, the WWE released many of their top women's wrestlers, including Jazz and Gail Kim, and then hirer Diva search contestants, Christy would feel the backlash of this.

In early 2005, rumors of her posing for Playboy surfaced, and without a doubt, it was true. The WWE used this opportunity to promote Wrestlemania. For promotion, a feud with the WWE Women's Champion; Trish Stratus was sparked. On April 3, 2005 at Wrestlemania 21, Trish Stratus defeated Christy Hemme to retain her title. Many felt that she did not deserve a Women's Title match at WrestleMania, seeing as she was not a trained wrestler, despite this, she continued to be involved in Women's matches and contests.

On, May 30, 2005's Raw is Jerry Lawler hosted a Bikini Contest, in which Victoria attacked the women in the contest. Christy Hemme would be victim to Victoria's Widow's Peak. A shot feud developed and on June 24, 2005's Vengeance, Victoria defeated Christy Hemme, in a match-up.

She went on to host the 2005 Diva Search Contest and soon after a feud with Melina Perez developed. On September 30th's episode of Smackdown, Melina Perez defeated Christy Hemme in a Wrestling match, however at No Mercy that year as The Legion of Doom & Christy Hemme defeated Melina & MNM. The two met up in various match-ups throughout the weeks that followed.

A huge shocker came on December 5, 2005 as she was unexpectedly released from her World Wrestling Entertainment contract. It was announced that it was a budget cut and creatively they didn't have anything for her to do, however it was not a rational explanation. On April 23, 2006 on TNA's Lockdown, she debut in Total Nonstop Action working as a "TNA Knockout."

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