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Bull Nakano
Real Name:
Keiko Nakano
Wrestling Names:
Bull Nakano, Keiko Nakano
205 lbs
Date of Birth:
January 8, 1968
Kawaguchi, Saitama
Trained by:
All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
Signature moves:
Big splash, moonsault, lariat, german suplex
Finishing moves:
Gullotine Legdrop

Bull Nakano Pictures:

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  • Championships & Accomplishments

    - All Japan Junior Women's title
    - All Japan Women's title
    - All Pacific Women's title
    - CMLL Women's title
    - Japan Grand Prix (1988)
    - WWF Womans title - View WWE Women's Title History
    - WWWA World Women's title
    - WWWA World Tag Team title

    Bull Nakano - Biography:

    Bull Nakano
    Photo Mike Lano
    Bull Nakano is a name infamous in Japanese women's pro wrestling and American women's professional wrestling, making her an iconic trailblazer. She began her wrestling career in the early eighties training in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling and then quickly became a force to be reckoned with.

    On September 13th, 1984 Bull Nakano defeated Yumi Ogura for All Japan Junior title. She later defeated Miko Komatsu for All Japan Singles on July 25th 1985.

    Being in high demand, she spent some months working in the World Wrestling Federation. The she worked with Dump Matsumoto as a tag-team defeating Susan Starr & Candice Pardue and Linda Gonzalez & Velvet McIntyre. There time in the WWF was short lived.

    On August 23rd, 1986 Bull Nakano and Dump Matsumoto defeated the Crush Girls for WWWA World Tag titles. After losing the title, she regained it on October 20th, 1987 with Condor Saito to defeat the Red Typhoons for WWWA World Tag titles and on February 25th, 1988 with Grizzly Iwamoto defeated the Fire Jets, making her a 3-Time WWWA World Tag title champion.

    Her dominance in Women's Wrestling continued, as with her title victories. She won the Japan Grand Prix defeating Yumiko Hotta and on June 18th, 1989 she defeated Mitsuko Nishiwaki for All Pacific Singles title. She later defeated Mitsuko Nishiwaki for WWWA World Singles title on January 4th, 1990.

    On March 21st 1993 she defeated Lola Gonzales for CMLL Singles while wrestling in CMLL Singles. In 1994, she made her way back to the World Wresting Federation. There she feuded with Alundra Blayze and on November 20th, 1994 she defeated Alundra Blayze (Madusa) for WWF Women's title.

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