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Ayako Hamada aka Hamada

    Ring Name(s): Ayako Hamada, Arisin Z, Dokron Z, Hamada
    Real Name: Ayako Valentina Hamada Villareal (More Real Names...)
    Birthdate: February 14, 1981 (More Birthdays...)
    Height: 5 ft 4 in
    Weight: 143 lb
    Hometown: Mexico City
    Debut: August 9, 1998
    Trained by: Aja Kong, Gran Hamada
    Favorite Move(s): Moonsault, Sitout powerbomb, Fisherman driver

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    Ayako Hamada (Hamada) - Biography

    Ayako Hamada: Championships & Accomplishments

      -- WWWA World Heavyweight Championship-2x (All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling)
      -- Twinstar of ARSION-2x (w/ Mika Akino-1x, w/ Michiko Omukai-1x)
      -- Skyhigh of ARSION
      -- QUEEN of ARSION
      -- AAAW Singles Championship (GAEA Japan)
      -- AAAW Tag Team Championship (w/ Meiko Satomura)
      -- IWRG Women's Championship (Grupo Internacional Revolucion)
      -- NEO Japan Tag Team Championship (w/ Kaoru Itoh)
      -- UWA World Women's Championship
      -- World Wrestling Association Women's Championship

    Ayako Hamada Ayako Valentina Hamada Villareal was born February 14, 1981 in Mexico City. She, is a second generation wrestler (as with her sister Xochitl Hamada), daughter of the legend of wrestler, Gran Hamada.

    After being trained by Gran Hamada, Ayako made her wrestling debut at the young age of 17, in ARSION (August 9, 1998). There, she held the tag belts with Mika Akino ("Twinstar of ARSION"), Skyhigh of ARSION title, QUEEN of ARSION title, defeating Aja Kong on December 3, 2000.

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