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    Real Name: Shelly Martinez (More Real Names...)
    Aliases: Salinas (TNA Wrestling) Ariel(WWE/ECW), Desire(UPW), Halloween Barbie, Cle-Ho-Patra (WEW), Shelly (OVW), Vampira and Koffin Kitten.
    Height: 5'4" - Weight:120lbs
    Hometown: Chino, California
    Birthdate: February 9, 1980 (More Birthdays...)
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Wrestling Debut: 2000
    ECW Debut: 2006
    Trained by: UPW Ulimate University; Ohio Valley Wrestling


    Shelly Martinez Biography

    Shelly Martinez In April of 2005, Shelly Martinez signed a developmental contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment and began working in OVW. She was previously known as Desire in Ultimate Pro Wrestling. She began her OVW career as the co-manager for Aaron "Idol" Stevens with Beth Pheonix being his other valet. There she feuded against wrestlers such as Alexis Laree (Mickie James), Beth Phoenix, Serena and others.

    With the launch of the new ECW weekly on Sci Fi (June 20, 2006 ), Shelly Martinez debuted in a big way; she started the show as a tarot card reader in a backstage segment. She carried the alias "Ariel." As weeks past, backstage segments continued, she was joined by Kevin Thorn in which they both took on vampire roles and accompanied him in his matches.

    Shelly Martinez Ariel had a short lived feud against Francine which climaxed on September 26th 2006 on Sci Fi as Ariel and Francine fought to a No Contest Catfight. Francine was soon after released, and the next ECW vixen she got into altercations with was Kelly Kelly, in which the two had catfights and diva contests. During this time, Ariel continued to work OVW shows, including matches against Beth Phoenix and ODB.

    In early 2007, Kevin Thorn and Ariel became part of the faction "The New Breed". On April 1st 2007, Ariel accompanied The New Breed at Wrestlemania 23, however in May, Shelly was released from her WWE contract.


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