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Wrestler: April Hunter

Real Name:
April Hunter
Wrestling Names:
April Hunter, April Kincaid, The Prize, Big Red, Beautiful Soldier
150 lbs
Date of Birth:
September 24, 1974
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Trained by:
Killer Kowalski
Signature moves:
Hanging figure four necklock, Cloverleaf
Finishing moves:
German suplex, Moonsault, somersault neckbreaker

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    April Hunter, who stands at a tall 5'9 is a beautiful person inside and out! This is one lady worth looking up too as a role model for all the personal things she has gone threw and not to mention her ideal understanding of the wrestling business you wished all women wrestlers had!

    Thanks to her career in Fitness Modeling she was introduced to the WCW, where she was later employed. She was one the the n.W.o gals, and was to begin training with Kevin Nash as her teacher, but plans fell threw! She later enrolled in the excellent wrestling school known as "Killer Kowalskis" owned and taught by none other then former WWF star Killer Kowalski. She found it to be very hard when she first started and was on the verge of qutting "what a lost that would of been!" but with the help of her classmates and Trainer now teammate Slyk Wagner Brown she stuck it out! She begun to learn, enjoy and perfect her craft! She is currently wrestling the Indy's and makes occasional apperances on NWA-TNA! This is one Diva on the rise! and no-doubt one of the best female WRESTLERS North America has to offer! Not to mention quite the looker!

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