Amber O'Neal Profile

Amber O'Neal

Real Name:
Kimberly Dawn Davis
Wrestling Names:
Amber O'Neal, Amber Holly, Booty Bop (WEW), Charlotte...The Southern Belle (Wrestlicious)
140 lb
June 22, 1974
Smithfield, North Carolina
Trained by:
Strawberry Fields, Leilani Kai, Gary Royal, Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid. (See Personal Notes)
Signature moves:
Stink Face, Russian legsweep, Diving crossbody
Finishing moves:
Amber Alert (Backslide into bridge), STO'Neal (STO), Superkick, Sitout facebuster
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2008 Year in Review

W/ Krissy Vaine,
Amber O'neal and Madison Rayne

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    Amber O'Neal - Biography

  • Championships & Accomplishments

    - CCW (Carolina Championship Wrestling) Women's title;
    - CWF (Carolina Wrestling Federation) defeating Leilani Kai;
    - NACW (North American Championship Wrestling) Women's Champion;
    - WEW (Women's Extreme Wrestling) Tag Team Champion
      1x w/ Krissy Vaine and 1x w/ Lollipop

  • Amber O'Neal: Personal Notes...

    "I became a huge wrestling fan in 1995. Stone Cold, Sable, D-X, and X-pac were my favorites and I also liked watching Rey Mysterio on WCW. I got so involved in it I started to think it was something I could do. I started researching how I could get into it. I found out about Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy in Charlotte. So called the number and a couple days later I drove to Charlotte and enrolled. It was an awesome experience. I was trained by Gary Royal and Leilani Kai. Strawberry Fields owned the school, and she was a wrestler as well so I trained with her some too. I was immediately hooked. I continued to go every week for about 6 months. My first match was against Leilani Kai in Maggie Valley,NC. I continued to work Leilani my first two years, along with Riptide, one of the best female workers in the indys today, and Desiree Peterson. I consider myself very lucky to have come up in the wrestling industry with such talented women and I feel they taught me about respect and how to look out for myself in the business I am forever grateful for that. In my third year in wrestling I started working for the CWF and there I met Mikael Yamaha and the Gemini Kid. I continued to train under them to this day. They helped take my career to another level. Working with them and the CWF has taught me a lot about working with the guys in the ring. I started working a lot of mixed tags and learning a lot about psychology, angles, and cutting promos. In the fifth year of my career, I suffered a severe knee injury and had to take a 1 year absence to have reconstructive knee surgery. I can definitely say I love wrestling because everyday I was out of commission all I wanted to do was wrestle and my love for this business is what made me do everything I had to do to get myself back in the ring. I am grateful for my experiences and opportunities I have had in the last 6 years."

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