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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Alere Little Feather Interview

By Arron Carlton
2003, Lethalwow.com

In 2003 Janel Horton better known as to her fans as "Alere Little Feather," joined lethalwow for a Q&A session. Janel was fairly new on the scene, making her debut in May of 2003, after training for almost a year. Then we talked about her training and starting off in the business, as well as female wrestlers Molly Holly, Jazz, Ivory, Luna Vachon, Sable and more. Today, we know Alere Little Feather as an accomplished, highly praised Independent worker. To her credit is numerous titles & accomplishments, including the WXW Women's Tag Team Championship with Allison Danger, WXW Elite 8 Women's Tournament Winner in 2004, UWA Women's Championship and more. Lethalwow is honored to have to opportunity. - Arron Carlton, Nov 11 2008.

Arron Carlton: hey Alere, I hope you're doing fine. Throughout the years in the wrestling business, I've seen many gimmicks. In your case, you portray an Native American by wearing tribal gear. In reality, you are an American native. Do you think that most people just look at you as portraying a gimmick?

Alere Little Feather: I think many people do think I am just portraying a gimmick. That is why I find it important to let everyone know the truth.

Arron Carlton: Do you feel that you portraying your native heritage in the ring is something that will go away in your wrestling career?

Alere Little Feather: My heritage will always be a part of me, inside and outside of the ring. But, if in the future I prefer to wear something less ethnic, then I'll do so. Maybe I'll mix it up. Who knows.

Arron Carlton: Can you tell us about your transition from being in training to working matches? Were you a valet who took bumps or pulled of spots during other matches or did you jump right into working matches?

Alere Little Feather: After training for a while, I did do a short stint as a manager. However, my trainer and myself thought that it would be best to concentrate on my training since I was training to be a wrestler, not a manager nor valet. I did wrestle on the student shows though. So that's what I did until I graduated from the school with the exception of reffing a few times shortly before. After I graduated, I pretty much jumped right into working matches.

Arron Carlton: Was there ever a moment while taking bumps that you had second thoughts about being a wrestler?

Alere Little Feather: Honestly, no.

Janel Horton - Alere Little Feather Arron Carlton: On the Independent scene there are many well respected women. Who are you looking forward to working with in the future?

Alere Little Feather: There are many women I would love the opportunity to work. But to name a few: Malia Hosaka, Leilani Kai, Pippa L'Vinn, and Luna Vachon. I could learn so much from these women.

Arron Carlton: Do you feel that the internet plays an important part in your career?

Alere Little Feather: Definitely. The internet is fast and easy for getting information on anything. I've gotten so much exposure in such a short time.

Arron Carlton: How do you feel about the use of Women for T&A in the wrestling business? Especially on the Internet.

Alere Little Feather: I was trained to wrestle, so that's what I stick with. However, if someone (male or female) has the body and feels comfortable wrestling in very little, it's their prerogative. In reality, there are so many different levels to T & A. I would prefer to be looked at and respected for my talent & ability rather than my body. As for oil and nude wrestling, I won't do it.

Arron Carlton: So Alere, you're going in your second year in wrestling and new to the Indy scene. Here at lethalwow, you'll be introduced to many WWE fans who are not exposed to indy workers. What would you like them to know about women working in the Indy scene?

Alere Little Feather: That women's wrestling shouldn't be underestimated.

Arron Carlton: So of course we're going to touch on the WWE and their women. If you had to pick one lady from their roster to be Lady of the year, based on their impact in 2003, who would it be and why?

Alere : I guess I would say Victoria. She's one of the women who are helping shape the WWE women's division back into legitimate wrestling. She is beautiful and at the same time can really work. It proves that not all talented women wrestlers look like men. I hate that stereotype.

Janel Horton Arron Carlton: What do you think would improve the current WWE Women's Division?

Alere Little Feather: I think they need more matches and exposure on both RAW & SmackDown!. I would rather watch Molly Holly VS Jazz over Sable & Stephanie anytime. Sometimes it seems that the less attractive, but better workers get less attention than the more attractive, but not as good workers. But that is not entirely the WWE's fault. Society has a role in this as well. The division is starting to shape though. If I had any other request, it would be to bring back some legends of the ring that could really help out the less experienced girls.

Arron Carlton: If you could be in the WWE and have a match at WrestlerMania 2004 with any current WWE woman, who would it be?

Alere Little Feather: I don't know. Maybe Jazz or Ivory.

Arron Carlton: On doing some research on you, you noted that you would want to work in Japan? Do you feel as if you'll be more respected by wrestling down there?

Alere : Yes. I would love to be a regular there. Their style is different from American wrestling.

Arron Carlton: Do you feel as if the is a need for another nationwide televised wrestling promotion?

Alere : I think the competition would definitely be beneficial to the industry.

Arron Carlton: Do you feel like there's room in the wrestling business today for women who don't know how to wrestle?

Alere : As an announcer, I guess. But I think if you are going to the ring as a ref, manager or valet, you should know the basics at least.

Arron Carlton:I must ask, where can anyone get videos of any of your matches?

Alere : I don't have a best of tape yet or anything like that. But I know my matches from WEW/Dangerous Women of Wrestling have been taped as well as some of the other feds.

Arron Carlton: Lastly, do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into this business?

Alere : Do your homework and find a really good school! THanks for your time.

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