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Alere Little Feather - Janel Horton

Real Name:
Janel Horton
Wrestling Names:
Alere Little Feather, Nav-a-Ho (WEW)
115 lb
October 15, 1978
Long Island, New York
Trained by:
Rapid Fire Maldonado
Signature moves:
Hangman's neckbreaker, Fujiwara armbar, Rear naked choke, diving neckbreaker
Finishing moves:
Rolling stunner, Indian deathlock

Alere Little Feather Photos:

  • Alere: Championships & Accomplishments

    - Defiant Pro Wrestling Women's title
    - NWL/HOPWF Ladies' Tag Champion
    - PWU Women's Championship
    - SSCW Women's title

    World Xtreme Wrestling:
      - WXW Women's Tag Team Championship with Allison Danger
      - 2003 WXW Most Hearted
      - 2004 WXW Woman of the Year
      - 2004 WXW Elite 8 Tournament Winner

    Character gimmicks has been a huge part of wrestling however for Alere, what may seem like a gimmick is not. Alere Little Feather is a Native American wrestler who began her training in June of 2002. She got into the business by calling Steve Corino and asking about training. He directed her towards the IWA Cruel School to train. Getting into the business some of her wrestling influences were Rapid Fire Maldonado; Steve Corino; Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat; Ivory; Victoria and Jazz.

    Since then, she has become a big name in the US independent scene and added many titles to her resume. Among some of her big wins was in 2004 where she defeated Mercedez Martinez in the finals of the WXW Elite 8 Tournament and on January 13, 2007 Alere defeated Mercedes Martinez to win the DPW Women's title. She has battled numerous acclaimed indy workers including Violet Flame, Talia Madison, Amy Lee, Alicia, Cindy Rogers, Allison Danger, Daizee Haze and many more.

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