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Real Name:
Živile Raudoniene
Wrestling Names:
Aksana, Olga (FCW)
Date of Birth:
April 29, 1982
Alytus, Lithuania
Trained by:
Florida Championship Wrestling
Signature moves:
Sidewalk slam, scoop slam, elbow drops, running big boot and catapult back-breaker
Finishing moves:
Spinning spinebuster

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Championships & Accomplishments:
    Wrestler - Aksana
    Photo © WWE
    -Queen of FCW
    -FCW Divas Championship
    -2009 IFBB Arnold Classic Contest

Živile Raudoniene - Aksana and Goldust
Aksana and Goldust
Photo © WWE
In October 2009, Živile Raudoniene signed a WWE development contract, and began working at their developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) under the name Olga (She later began using the name "Aksana"). Prior to being signed, Zivile competed as a bodybuilder and fitness model.

On September 7, 2010, on the Season 3 premiere of WWE NXT, she made her WWE debut, under the guidance of Goldust. She had her debut match on the season 3 premiere, teaming with Goldust in a losing effort to AJ Lee and Primo. The next week she lost to Jamie Keyes in a singles match. On the fifth episode, she picked up her first win in both rookie challenges, a bull riding contest and a match in which she defeating Maxine. In the following weeks she revealed that she had been having trouble with her green card. An immigration officer was eventually sent to warn Aksana that if she did not sort her issues out soon, she would be deported back to Lithuania. She also found herself getting involved in the feud between Goldust and Ted DiBiase. Goldust sent cryptic secret admirer messages seemingly for DiBiase’s valet Maryse, but it turned out he wanted the Million Dollar Championship instead. Maryse attacked her at ringside during Goldust and DiBiase’s match at Bragging Rights 2010, the distraction allowed DiBiase to win. However Aksana stole the Million Dollar Championship after she and Goldust tricked DiBiase. They later defeated DiBiase and Maryse in a mixed tag match on the Halloween episode of NXT (October 26, 2013).


Goldust officially proposed to her on NXT in order to solve her immigration problems. The wedding was interrupted by DiBiase who revealed he had bought off the minister. However Goldust’s father Dusty Rhodes brought in Ted DiBiase Sr (who is actually an ordained minister) to marry the couple instead. However, she then slapped Goldust in the face, revealing she had been using him in order to get her green card. The next episode had her lose to Naomi, who had Goldust in her corner. Aksana attempted to make peace between them but Goldust rejected her. The same night she was eliminated from the competition and Goldust informed her he wanted a divorce. She made an appearance on the finale competing in a match with Maxine and Alicia Fox against The Bella Twins and AJ.

Aksana - FCW Divas ChampionBack in FCW, she was given her own segment called “The Aksana Show.” She frequently asked her guests inappropriate questions, pronounced names wrong and was unable to read the teleprompter. She would also book a musical guest such as Tony Bennett or Captain Louis and the Gator Tail Band, who would all cancel at the last minute. In 2011 she joined the stable of FCW General Manager Maxine, Lucky Cannon, AJ, and Damien Sandow. She defeated Rosa Mendes to become the Queen of FCW and later defeated AJ Lee to become the FCW Divas Champion. This made her the first to hold both titles at once. She held the Divas title for 147 days until she was defeated by Audrey Marie. She held the crown for 287 days until Raquel Diaz defeated her to win it.

WWE Diva Aksana with black hair In August of 2011, she re-debut on Smackdown. She now sported black hair and was accompanied by slow jazz music whenever she appeared. She began to regularly appear in backstage segments with Smackdown GM Teddy Long. She would frequently drop seemingly innocent double entendres and flirt with him. These segments lasted for six months. Aksana competed in her first match; a costume battle royal on the Halloween episode of Raw. She later competed in her first singles match on Smackdown defeating Natalya. She then defeated Maxine on an episode of WWE Superstars. During the rivalry between Teddy Long and Raw GM John Laurinitis, Aksana was caught in the middle as Laurinitis threatened to put her in a match with Kane. Aksana declared herself a part of Team Teddy going into the big tag match at WrestleMania. She accompanied R-Truth and Kofi Kingston to the ring on the March 19, 2012 airing of WWE Raw, for a match against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. When Vickie Guerrero interfered to allow her team to get the win, Aksana got into a confrontation with her. The two got into it once again at WrestleMania 28, when they were both at ringside.

Aksana and Antonio Cesaro
with Antonio Cesaro
After WrestleMania 28, Aksana introduced her Swiss boyfriend Antonio Cesaro to the WWE, and began a relationship with him. After he defeated Justin Gabriel on Smackdown, Aksana dumped Teddy Long to cement her heel turn. He gained a measure of revenge one week where he was Smackdown guest GM and booked her and Cesaro in a match against Layla and the Great Khali (July 3, 2012 WWE Smackdown). She continued to appear as Cesaro’s valet and interfere in his matches. However in September, Aksana’s attempted interference backfired and caused him to lose a match. Afterwards he dumped her, to end their relationship. In October 2012, Aksana claimed to have found a blonde wig in Eve Torres’s luggage, confirming that Eve was involved with Kaitlyn’s attack at Night of Champions. However, Aksana herself was eventually revealed to have been the attacker. She attacked Kaitlyn backstage once again before her match at Survivor Series 2012 but was unsuccessful.

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