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Trenesha Biggers

    Real Name: Trenesha Biggers (More Real Names...)
    Wrestling Aliases: Trenesha (DSW), Naomi Banks, Black Barbie, Panther Claw, Rhaka Khan (TNA)
    Height: 6'2"
    Birthday: December 25, 1981 (More Birthdays...)
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Hometown: Champaign, Illinois
    Debut: September 2005
    Trained by: Marty Jannetty and Bill DeMott
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    Trenesha Biggers Biography

    Trenesha Biggers began her wrestling career as 2005 WWE Diva Search hopeful making it into the Top 25. She was later signed to a WWE developmental contract. She began training with Marty Jannetty and shortly after made her debut in Deep South Wrestling (DSW). In Deep South Wrestling she managed the The Regulators (Twin Brothers: Mike Shane & Todd Shane). There, she had a extremely brief feud with Angel Williams (Angelina Love) against Michelle McCool, Tracy Taylor and Kristal Marshall.

    After being released from her WWE developmental contract in May of 2006, she went on the work on the Independent circuit. Highlights include, Trenesha working in Japan as "Panther Claw" and working in Women's Extreme Wrestling as "Black Barbie".

    At TNA's 2008 Against All Odds Pay Per View, Trenesha Biggers made her TNA debut distracting Petey Williams in a match, causing Scott Steiner to pick up a win. Scott Steiner and Trenesha Biggers celebrated, and she was referred to by commentators as being a freakishly tall woman. On the February 14th 2008 edition of TNA iMPACT, Scott Steiner (Scott Carl Rechsteiner) revealed Trenesha Biggers's TNA alias "Rhaka Khan". He noted that she was his favorite freak and she interfered once again in Scott's match causing Petey Williams to lose once again.

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