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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Trina Michaels Interview By Arron Carlton

"Trina Michaels: Porn Star Turned Wrestling Diva"

November 13th, 2008 - Lethalwow.com

Ashley Lane

    Name: Trina Michaels
    Height: 5 ft 6 in - Weight: 134 lb
    Birthdate: January 13, 1983 (More Birthdays...)
    Hair Color: Blonde - Eyes Color: Hazel Green
    Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
    Debut: 2008

Official Site: Trina Michaels's Myspace.com Page

Trina Michaels Photos:
Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels Trina Michaels

    Wrestling and Pornography has crossed paths over the years. We've seen Adult Stars such as Jasmin St. Claire and Jenna Jameson get their 15 minutes in wrestling, as with numerous models who have done nude work become women of wrestling icons. In recent years, female wrestlers and managers have become synonymous with posing for Playboy and wardrobe malfunctions--a stigma that numerous wrestling companies helped to perpetuate. While this is to be expected from wrestling companies attempting to market to their majority male audience, in recent years, companies are having difficulty selling T&A to serious wrestling fans. The WWE for instance has been suffering with their "Diva" product and met with an onslaught of criticism. Their rival TNA and Indy Federations such as Shimmer on the other hand, has been met with praise for not focusing on T&A.

    In recent weeks, headlines of an Adult-star gearing up for the world of wrestling has been circulating. That woman is Trina Michaels, a 4-time AVN Award nominee. For Trina Michaels, only time will tell how she fits in this equation. With recent trends, it seems wrestling fans are more interested in seeing women who can go at it in the ring like the men do and not just fluff. It's evidently harder for a woman with measurements of 34DD-24-36 to be respected. Trina understands the challenges that she has embarked on. She joined lethalwow.com for an interview where wrestling fans could get some insight of the passion she has for the business. She is without a doubt determined to make it to the top and one day be featured at Wrestlemania.

    Wrestler Ashley LaneArron Carlton: Hello Trina

    Trina Michaels: Hello

    Arron Carlton: It's my pleasure to take some time to interview you...What have you been up too lately?

    Trina Michaels: Traveling…Just hit Tampa then San Diego then Sacramento. I’m in San Francisco right now and back to FL in December.

    Arron Carlton: How long have you been a fan of wrestling?

    Trina Michaels: About 7 years.

    Arron Carlton: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers or personalities at that time?

    Trina Michaels: Trish Stratus no doubt…I also liked Christian, Rhino, Team Angel (Kurt, Shelton and Charlie) and Lita.

    Arron Carlton: When did you realize that you could actually pursue a career in wrestling?

    Trina Michaels: May of this year…I had no clue I would be accepted as much as I have been so far. I did one gig (XPW reunion show) for fun then it took off from there.

    Arron Carlton: How did you get started in the business?

    Trina Michaels: I became friends with people in the WWE about a year ago through a close friend of mine who is connected to them. Then that same person (who most know as my big brother) connected me to XPW and WEW. Then I started searching local companies and hit them up and that's where I’m at right now.

    Ashley LaneArron Carlton: Who have you worked for thus far?

    Trina Michaels: XPW, WEW, NWWL, AWS, M1W. There would be more but scheduling conflicts prohibited me from taking a few more bookings.

    Arron Carlton: With whom and/or where are you training to wrestle?

    Trina Michaels: Um I’m not too sure I can say. Gonna have to keep quiet on that one. Sorry! But I do know where I'd like to go and where I think I'll be in a few months.

    Arron Carlton: You first rose to fame as an adult film starlet--any regrets?

    Trina Michaels: Nope not at all
    Arron Carlton: Your name was mentioned in the Rolling Stone Magazine Bella Models Escort scandal along with former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro---You want to respond to our readers on that?

    Trina Michaels: Funny because this is how this whole wrestling thing got started for me. I never worked for Bella Models and I guess really the only job I got from them was this wrestling career. People saw I was doing the XPW Reunion show then the article came out the same week and all the phone calls and emails began to come in. I've personally never seen the article but I guess it's an honor.
    Arron Carlton: You are a 4-time AVN Award nominee...is it an accomplishment that you hold dear or a period of time you're now leaving behind?

    Trina Michaels: I’m never going to forget porn just like when I make it in wrestling...It's a part of my life and who I am. If it wasn't for the fans there would be no Trina Michaels and you'd be doing this interview with someone else today.
    Arron Carlton: Who were some of your favorites Actors to work with?

    Trina Michaels: Derek Pierce! Nicki Hunter! Mr.Marcus!
    Arron Carlton: Do you think your fame as an actress helped get you opportunities in the wrestling industry?

    Trina Michaels: I think it helped me to get at the door then when they saw my passion and wanting to wrestle people forgot about the porn stuff. I opened the door and walked in because of my passion for wrestling and not because of my porn past. I could have done XPW and said no more but that’s not me. My goal is to prove to all of the haters that I can leave porn and make a name for myself legitimately in wrestling.
    Ashley Lane Arron Carlton: As a former adult actress, many will discredit you in the ring--are you prepared to battle the nay-sayers or prove them wrong?

    Trina Michaels: I'm ready to prove to people why "Trina 4:69 says I just proved you wrong" ...hey I’m making a t-shirts off of that! (Laughs) I know a few adult stars have tried to do the wrestling thing and only lasted for a cup of coffee but I want to be on the WrestleMania card one day. It may take years but I'm going to be on it and I already know who I want to wrestle also.
    Arron Carlton: Do you think that women who were Diva Search Contestants, most former models, and some who have done adult modeling such as Maria Kanellis, Candice Michelle, Maryse Outlet, Ashley Massaro, Tiffany (Taryn Terell) etc.—have they lived up or are they living up to proving wrestling fans wrong?

    Trina Michaels: I think anyone (male or female) who steps in the ring has proven someone wrong. It’s fucking tough but I knew that going in. I like the divas and knockouts and can not wait to work with any of them down the road.

    Arron Carlton: Did you or have you ever considered competing in the WWE Diva searches in the past?

    Trina Michaels: No not really. I was pretty busy with my other career but I did watch it on TV. If it comes back around I will try out for it!

    Lexi Lane Arron Carlton: Unlike Diva Search contestants, you’re working from the bottom up—working the Indy circuit. Do you think the wrestling pundits will give you credit for that? Or focus on your adult-video past?

    Trina Michaels: I say 30% for credit and 70% for the adult past...But that’s what I love about me doing this. I have a large amount of people to prove wrong. I’ve looked online and have found about 6 threads on different sites that are at least 4 pages long about me entering pro wrestling. Some thoughts are funny, some are cool, some are in the middle and some are rude but I love it all.

    Arron Carlton: Who are currently some of your favorite female wrestlers or personalities?

    Trina Michaels: Mickie James, The Beautiful People, Miss Jackie and Amy Hennig (Mr. Perfect’s daughter)...Trust me she's going to be a star.
    Arron Carlton: It’s apparent, you’re a WWE fan however how would you compare the Women’s Division to TNA’s Women’s Division?

    Trina Michaels: They both appeal to their audience.
    Arron Carlton: Is there any truth to you being at the WWE SmackDown tapings in San Diego, CA?

    Trina Michaels: Yeah I was there with a few friends. The pics and video from the show are on my myspace page. But I also went to the TNA show a week later and am going to WrestleMania in Houston and Im sure a few other shows before then.
    Arron Carlton: Tell us about that experience.

    Trina Michaels: It was cool. I had an amazing time and seeing the San Diego fans react to Rey is amazing. I think he could run for Mayor of San Diego (Laughs).
    Arron Carlton: What are your goals for 2009?

    Trina Michaels: run for president!, starting early, be Raw GM! Join The Beautiful People!..train, train, train and keep making waves and proving people wrong!
    Arron Carlton: Any closing remarks?

    Trina Michaels: Well Im honored you actually wanted to talk to me. I don’t think I’m interesting but people tell me I am. I hope my TrinaManiacs continue to support me and they can always stay updated on my myspace page myspace.com/trinamichaelsmania and youtube page www.youtube.com/trinamichaelsvideos ...I honestly thank you for interviewing me. Oh and hello to my Big Brother Raven. (not the wrestler)!

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