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"Josie is Pop, Lock and Droping her way to
the top of Women's Wrestling."

By Arron Carlton
October 20th, 2008 - Lethalwow.com

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Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt Sojo Bolt

    Don't mistake her for Jazz or Jacqueline--her name is Josie, and she's drop-kicking her way to becoming a legend in her own right. She has admitted to being mistaken for these women on past occasions however, women's wrestling aficionados know better. The majority of women's wrestling enthusiasts were delighted to see her challenge Awesome Kong at TNA's 2008 Slammiversary. With tenacity, she slapped Kong to the face, getting a huge rise out of the crowd. This left an instant impression on those who were seeing her for the first time. On August 28, 2008 on TNA Impact! she returned as Sojourner Bolt and was once again defeated by Awesome Kong. That night, google.com searches for "Sojourner Bolt" brought Lethalwow.com numerous visitors, she undoubtedly left an impression.

    At Bound for Glory IV, she rose to the occasion once again as she and Eric Young defeated Christy Hemme and Lance Rock in the steel asylum. Josie is determined to securing a contract to wrestle full time with a top company. She has already taken Ohio Valley Wrestling by storm; winning the OVW Women's Championship on four occasions, defeating Katie Lea and Serena Deeb.In an exclusive interview for lethalwow, she talks about OVW, Shimmer, TNA and more. You can be sure that with her perseverance she will Pop, Lock and Drop her way to the top.

    Arron Carlton: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions--Firstly, It's been great seeing you in TNA. What has that experience been like for you?

    Josie: It was great. The locker-room was so welcoming. I have worked with a good portion of the roster in past in various promotions, so there was a lot of catching up with people. It’s nice walking into the locker-room and be greeted with smiles.

    Wrestler Josie - Sojourner Bolt  vs Awesome Kong Arron Carlton: Before TNA, you've encountered the phenomenon that is Awesome Kong--what further insight can you give about the women that has captivated the wrestling world?

    Josie: She is the real deal…I doubt I will ever encounter another wrestler like her anywhere in the world. She has incredible intensity. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to face her 3 times.

    Arron Carlton: What's your current status with TNA Wrestling? What's the likelihood of us seeing you as a full time competition the promotion?

    Josie: My current status is I am a wrestler aka independent contractor. You would have to talk to the powers that be at TNA to get the answer to that question but I would say there is a good chance of seeing Sojourner Bolt in action again soon.

    Arron Carlton: Besides being graced with your presence in TNA, 2008 has been a great year for you...you defeated WWE Diva Katie Lea back in February 27, 2008 to win the OVW Women's Championship. How was that moment for you? What was it like working with Katie Lea?

    Josie: Honestly, it caught me by surprise. I’m not the kind of wrestler that focuses on titles. The OVW Women’s Championship was on the waist of Melina Roucka for over 5 months when Katie Lea won it from her. The next week I won it clean. If you look at the women who held and fought for that title in the past, ODB, Beth Phoenix, Serena Deeb...at that moment I joined a very exclusive club of women who represented the female face of one of the most important wrestling companies in the world. That is what I am proud of. Katie Lea is cool to work with. She had a lot of creative ideas in her time at OVW.

    Josie - Sojourner Bolt Arron Carlton: The WWE ended their relationship with OVW as a developmental territory on February 7th 2008; do you think that decreased you chances of being signed with the WWE? You've mentioned a career highlight of having a try-out match with the WWE, tell us about that.

    Josie: Not at all. Danny Davis and Ohio Valley Wrestling still have a strong relationship with WWE. Danny Davis has been a big supporter of mine and was sending my matches and photos to talent relations long before the pull out. I’ve been to a few “try-outs” in the past 6 years. I have had to make a lot of changes to become more of a marketable product. My progress is being monitored.

    Arron Carlton: You have since won the title on two more occasions, defeating Serena Deeb, tell us about that.

    Josie: Actually, I am a 4 time OVW Women’s Champion. Serena and I have been battling back and forth since last year. We have freaking great matches. She’s incredibly talented and has gotten the best of me 3 times…hence I am no longer the champ.

    Arron Carlton: Another top promotion associated with you is Shimmer...we haven't seen you as of late in SHIMMER--will you compete in a Shimmer show in the near future?

    Josie: Shimmer is one of the best companies out there showcasing women’s wrestling. I am proud to have been a part of the roster. They always say never say never in wrestling but I am not booked for them at this time.
    On October 13, 2007 for SHIMMER Volume 16, Josie and "The Portuguese Princess" Ariel defeated Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews

    Josie Arron Carlton: You have worked with the best in the industry, who are some noteworthy ladies that you will like to mention?

    Josie: I am very lucky to have had the opportunities that I’ve had. Early on in my career I got to work a long feud with Ms. Natural out of Harley Races camp. She is an incredible wrestler and now one of my best friends in the world. I wouldn’t have made it this far with out the guidance of Malia Hosaka and Lexie Fyfe. Their mentoring in and out of the ring is a valuable asset to the world of women’s professional wrestling. It’s rare and more girls should reach out to them for help. I’ve had some sweet matches with MsChif, Mickie Knuckles, Sara Del Ray, and ODB.
      On March 24, 2007in NWA Midwest: MsChif defeated Josie to retain the NWA Women's title

    Arron Carlton: Who have you never worked with and would want to work with in the future? or inactive wrestlers that you would have want to worked with?

    Josie: There are a couple. I was training at OVW when Beth Phoenix was there. We have tagged together and against each other in OVW but no singles matches. Getting Jacqueline in the ring would be a dream come true. Of the currently inactive, Nora Greenwald and Jazz. Oh and the recently retired April Hunter. People don’t know that we live on the same street and work out together fairly often.

    Arron Carlton: In the past, we've have a handful of phenomenal African American female wrestlers, you're no exception, when it's all said and done, you'll be in the ranks of icon Jackie Moore, Jazz, Awesome Kong--as a wrestler period, however, would you say the journey is harder or easier for a minority in the business?

    Josie: It’s a double edge sword really. In some ways it has probably gotten me more work but there are places I could not work due to people’s ignorance. I find that wrestling still has a lot of people stuck in the middle ages when it comes to race. I see it more being a woman from Minnesota now living in Kentucky. In 6 years, I have only had one bad experience due to a racial slur. What I find funny is I have been told I look like all the women you mentioned and I think we can all agree they look nothing like each other.

    Arron Carlton: What are your goals or what you hope to accomplish in 2009?

    Josie: I am still working on my 2008 goals. Right now in 2008, I am working on securing a contract. In 2009 I want to secure a permanent role on television and do what I love, wrestle.

    Arron Carlton: Where can anyone get videos or DVDs of any of your matches?

    Josie: You can purchase dvd's of my work in Shimmer at www.rohwrestling.com. You can also look for my work in Derby City Wrestling at www.derbycitywrestling.com. My work in Ohio Valley wrestling can be purchased at www.ovwrestling.com. Quick note, OVW's tv show can be downloaded every week at www.ovwrestling.com as well.

    I want to thank my family, my friends, and all my fan around the world. I couldn't have made it this far without all of you.

    Look for Josie everyweek on OVW TV and Sojourner Bolt on TNA. And if you can't wait that long look me up on Myspace at www.myspace.com/josiebomb2

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for your time!

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