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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Sassy Stephie Interview By Arron Carlton

"She is Sassy...Sassy Stephie"

September 21, 2009 - Lethalwow.com

    She is Sassy Stephie, and if you didn't already know, shame on you. In fact, shame on Pro Wrestling Illustrated's "PWI Female 50" 2009 Rankings for not giving themselves some credibility and having Stephie on the list... something tells me that is all about to change. Since her debut match in 2007, Sassy Stephie has quickly become a recognizable name in the independent Women's Wrestling circuit, mixing it up with the best of the best. From humble beginnings as a ring announcer, she transitioned into wrestling--from a wrestling fan, to a wrestler herself.


    Wrestler Sassy StephieArron Carlton: Hello Stephie, Thank You so much for your time. How has the wrestling world been treating you lately?

    Sassy Stephie Things are looking up for me at the moment. I have some upcoming shows that I am excited about and some opponents that I cannot wait to work with.

    Arron Carlton: You have come such a long way since your debut match in 2007, are you pushing towards an ultimate goal?

    Sassy Stephie: The ultimate goal would be to make a living at wrestling. One day where I don't have to rely on another job to make sure all my bills are paid.

    Arron Carlton: How has the Internet affected your career?

    Sassy Stephie: The Internet as been a huge part of my career. I use it to network as much as possible. I try to keep my calendar on myspace as updated as possible, so anyone who looks at it can figure out when and where I will be if they're interested in coming out to a show to see me wrestle. Also, youtube...so many people tell me they've seen my matches on youtube. It's a lot easier to use the net to network than by just word of mouth.

    Sassy StephieArron Carlton: You have wrestled numerous staple names, associated with the Women's Wrestling scene in the United States. Who have been some of your most memorable opponents, and who are you good friends with in the industry?

    Sassy Stephie: Sara Del Rey has been the person that I have wrestled and probably learned the most from. She's such an amazing wrestler. I've tagged with her a couple of times as well and its impossible to be in the ring with her and not learn something from her. Despite wrestling and hating her in the ring I've also have to say Madison Rayne (Ashley Lane) is one of my more memorable opponents. I trained with her and she's someone I can always count on.

    Arron Carlton: Yes I've seen Sara Del Rey give you quite the challenge in the ring. Her opponents ultimately come out of matches with major respect. What do you think of the way TNA has been using Madison Rayne?

    Sassy Stephie: I think Madison Rayne has the potential to be whatever she wants in the world of professional wrestling. I think if TNA hasn't already realized that, they will soon.

    Arron Carlton: In a recent interview with Brittany Force, she noted that she wrestled her first-ever match against you and Angeldust. How has it been working with these women?

    Sassy Stephie: Brittany since her first match has grown by leaps and bounds. Everytime I step into the ring with her, she's constantly better. She has come a long way since that night and I'm very proud of her. Angeldust is my tag partner in Erie, PA and we have a blast working together.

    Arron Carlton: You have noted Sensational Sherri has a huge inspiration---How did you hear of her passing, and how did if affect you?

    Sassy Stephie: I remember it quite vividly. I was actually going to a place to pick up some new gear and someone had text me to tell me. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. She's the reason I actually starting liking wrestling to begin with and at that time I had only had a few matches and to hear of her passing, it was hard for me. I wore a band that said "SSM" on it for a couple of months after that.

    Arron Carlton: What is one of your favorite Sherri moments?

    Sassy Stephie: Just one? lol. Probably her work with Shawn Michaels. The whole thing...she was such a great manager. However, you cant leave out her work with Macho Man or anyone else.

    Arron Carlton: Besides Sherri, when you first began in the business, who were some other females that inspired you?

    Sassy Stephie: In the WWE it would be Trish Straus, Molly Holly and Lita that inspired me, but when I got into wrestling outside of WWF/WWE it was the Ladies of Honor that I took note of. Especially Allison Danger. Something about her really made me want to wrestle. But Daizee and Lacey are also huge inspirations. I don't think I'd be where I am today with wrestling without watching those three.

    Sassy Stephie Arron Carlton: You have been affiliated with Shimmer as of late, what has that experience been like?

    Sassy Stephie: I've been on the pre-show for Shimmer a couple of times and I've loved it. Shimmer is the place as a women's wrestler that you should inspire to be. It's women showing off their talent as wrestlers, not just as beautiful women, but athletes too. It's a great place. I've learned a lot from just being there as apart of the pre-show. Everyone is there with advise and willing to help you grow into a better performer. People I have looked up to in wrestling, watch my matches and tell me what I could have done differently or what was really good. It's a blessing to be able to have that experience as young as I am in the business.

    Arron Carlton: What would be a dream Shimmer feud for Sassy Stephie?

    Sassy Stephie: This is a hard question. There are people I am dying to work with and some I am dying to work with again. Basically, the whole roster! But if I had to pick a couple of people to top my list of people I'd love to feud with Allison Danger, Daziee Haze, Mschif, Sara Del Rey, Serena Deeb, The Experience, Merecedez Martinez, and anyone they put in front of me!

    Arron Carlton: If you were in TNA or the WWE currently, who would Sassy Stephie be feuding with?

    Sassy Stephie: WWE, I'd want to feud with Mickie James, Beth Phoneix, or Gail Kim. TNA, honestly I'd love to wrestle Alissa Flash, Sarita, Taylor Wilde, and Hamada.

    Arron Carlton: How do you feel about the differences on how the companies handle their women?

    Sassy Stephie: There are HUGE differences in how each company treats the ladies. Each place is going to treat their wrestlers different, it's just a fact of life. I think that some places are better than others at least as far as what the public sees. I cannot comment about backstage at each company.

    Arron Carlton: What is your opinion on TNA creating a Women's Tag Team Division?

    Sassy Stephie: It's different and I like it a lot. I think TNA is willing to give the women more time on TV because they realize they have something special with the women they have on their roster. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything turns out and what's next for the women of TNA

    Arron Carlton: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    Sassy Stephie: Listen, train, listen some more, save your money, listen again, ask questions, train more, and save some more money and go to a legit training school so you can learn what you need to really know and have fun!

    Arron Carlton: Where do you see yourself in 2010?

    Sassy Stephie: 2010 I was to continue improving and learn as much as possible. I'd love to start wrestling more out west and down south, since I'm basically mid-west and upper east coast. I'd also like to see myself advance to the main roster at Shimmer and perhaps show up at some other bigger companies or re-appear at places I've already been blessed to work with such as Chikara and ROH.

    Arron Carlton: Lastly, Where can anyone reading this find out more about you?

    Sassy Stephie: Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/sassystephie), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/therealsassystephie), and Twitter (http://twitter.com/Sassystephie).

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for your time!

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