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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Santana G Interview By Arron Carlton

Santana G, Cameron, Orlando Jordan

"Getting to know Santana G"

June 16, 2010 - Lethalwow.com

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    Arron Carlton: Hello Santana, Thank you for joining me. There has recently been buzz on you for appearing in TNA as Orlando Jordan's valet. How has that experience been for you?

    Santana G (Twitter @missSantanaG): It has been such an amazing experience, I've met alot of great people at TNA. Orlando is so much fun to be around and it has given me the opportunity to be noticed by so many different people around the world.

    Wrestler Santana G Arron Carlton: How did you getting that role come about?

    Santana G: Well, I am a second generation wrestler, my dad used to wrestle and ran a promotion in Central Florida (High Voltage Wrestling). So he knows most if not all of the guys that have been around for a bit. I normally wear my old HVW t-shirt to the shows and the wrestlers look at me funny and ask, "Do you know Keny G?" and I reply with a smile and tell them he's my dad. The reaction is always great. So to answer your question, a guy that used to wrestle for my dad...and my current trainer, introduced me to Orlando Jordan and TNA.

    Arron Carlton: Did you foresee that the storyline would be met with such strong reactions?

    Santana G: I knew there would be controversy, but not as much as it received. It's neat to get on Youtube and see that hundreds, thousands, millions of people know who I am now.

    Arron Carlton: How was it like working with Orlando's male valet Cameron?

    Santana G: It was great, never a dull moment with Cameron

    Arron Carlton: Hopefully we get to see you wrestle on our television sets soon. To make it this far is an accomplishment in itself... How long have you been lacing up those wrestling boots?

    Santana G: I started training approximately one year ago, made my first appearance in the ring in August 2009, and had my first match August 2009. For the short time I've been training I feel as though I have accomplished so much and am grateful to everyone who helped me get where I'm at.

    Arron Carlton: Who did you train with?

    Santana G: I trained with Dingo at Dynamo Pro Gym (in St Louis, Mo) then moved back to Florida and started training with Chasyn Rance and Larry Zbyszko at I Believe in Wrestling in Orlando, Florida.

    Arron Carlton: Who did you wrestle in your first match?

    Santana G: My first singles debut was in August 2009 against Mia Martinez for High Voltage Wrestling in Granite City, Illinois. I was Super nervous and excited at the same time.

    Arron Carlton: Since then, who have been some of your favorite wrestlers to work with?

    Santana G: Hands down, Mschif. She is one of the first girls I got in the ring with and she is amazing. I wrestled her for the first time December 5th 2009 and came up short, had a rematch in february 2010 and went to a ten minute draw, In doing so, I earned her respect and she presented me with the opportunity to tag with her in the next match against Serenity and Jessika Haze.

    Arron Carlton: How would you describe your style of wrestling? and what moves and finishers have you been using?

    Santana G: Technical, I like doing moves that alot of other girls can't do. My finisher is a standing moonsalt.

    Arron Carlton: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

    Santana G: I want to be the best! I want people to turn on their TV see me and say, "that's a pretty girl." Then after they watch my match I want them to say, "and she can wrestle!" I want to be a role model for young people, I want to be able to give back to those who have helped me, and I want to be able to say I had a dream, I went for it, and I've accomplished it!

    Arron Carlton: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    Santana G: This goes for anything, if you really want something, go for it, and don't stop until you get exactly where you want to be or what you want. Don't make excuses, train hard, maintain a good attitude, and give it your all.

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for your time!

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