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Lethalwow.com Nevaeh Interview By Arron Carlton

"Nevaeh---One-half of the First-ever
Shimmer Tag Team Champions,
Chats with Lethalwow.com"

July 19, 2010 - Lethalwow.com

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    In 2009, when TNA Wrestling announced the sanctioning of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles, one name consistently came to mind among fans of the Women's Wrestling... Nevaeh. A woman that went down in history as one-half of the first-ever Shimmer Tag Team Champions, along with Ashley Lane (TNA's Madison Rayne). It certainly would have been a huge moment to see Nevaeh join Madison Rayne in TNA. A team that has developed a following due to Shimmer Women Athletes DVDs, and their work throughout Ohio. Their recognition among Women's Wrestling fans landed them the number five spot on Lethalwow.com's Tag Team Top 10 of 2009 (Tag Team Top 10 #5: Ashley Lane & Nevaeh).

    In 2010, Nevaeh could be seen on Wrestlicious TakeDown, which aired on MavTV in the United States and BiteTV in Canada. There she played "Kickstart Katie," where she aligned herself with "Brooke Lynn" (Becky Bayless). Nevaeh joined Lethalwow briefly to chat about Shimmer and Wrestlicious...

    Arron Carlton: What have you been up to in recent weeks?

    Nevaeh: Been doing a lot of traveling. Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Of course some shows in Ohio as well.

    Wrestler Nevaeh Arron Carlton: You have developed quite the following for your work in Shimmer Women Athletes, how has it been for you working with the company?

    Nevaeh: Working for Shimmer is one of the best experiences to have as a woman's wrestler. I have learned more there in two years than anywhere I've been. All the woman there share the same common interest so it's an absolutely fantastic place to be.

    Nevaeh Arron Carlton: What has been some highlights for you in Shimmer?

    Nevaeh: Being crowned half of the first ever Shimmer tag team champs. And really it's an honor to just be a regular roster member.

    Arron Carlton: You and Madison Rayne went down in history together as the first-ever Shimmer Tag Team Champions; however, you two have known each other long before that. What should fans on the net known about her?

    Nevaeh: She knows how to make things happen.

    Arron Carlton: What are your thoughts on the work she has been doing in TNA wrestling?

    Nevaeh:I'm happy for her in her success and hope she continues to shine in TNA.

    Arron Carlton: Who else are you good friends with in the business?

    Nevaeh: Um... Jake Crist

    Arron Carlton: You have been seen on Wrestlicious television in recent weeks as "Kickstart Katie"...What was that experience like for you?

    Nevaeh: It was more fun that I had expected. It was great to wrestle but to kind of play a different role while doing what I love.

    Arron Carlton: How did you get the role on Wrestlicious as Kickstart Katie?

    Nevaeh: I was contacted about it through someone passing my name along.

    Arron Carlton: Wrestlicious have come under a lot of criticism. What are your thoughts on those negative opinions?

    Nevaeh: Everyone criticizes wrestling in one way or another. People can think what they want and say what they will. I have fun doing what I do and not everyone is going to agree with what I do or what other wrestlers do. It's all personal opinion. If you are happy with yourself at the end of the night then that's what matters. Wrestler Nevaeh

    Arron Carlton: You also did a few matches for Ring of Honor, how was that experience for you?

    Nevaeh: It was awesome... Wrestled phenomenal talent there of course. Learned a lot and hope to be asked back in the future.

    Arron Carlton: Which other promotions would you want to work for in the future?

    Nevaeh: I would like to one day be a contracted wrestler.

    Arron Carlton: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    Nevaeh: Pour your heart into what you do. You get out of wrestling what you put into it.

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for your time

    Nevaeh: Thanks so much!

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