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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Marti Belle Interview By Arron Carlton

"Getting to know Marti Belle"

October 10, 2010 - Lethalwow.com

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Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle Marti Belle
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    Wrestler Marti Belle
    Photo by Frank Krewda
    Arron Carlton: Hello Marti, Thank you for joining me.

    Marti Belle (Twitter @martibelle): Itís my pleasure to be here!

    Arron Carlton: What have you been up to in recent weeks?

    Marti Belle: Well, I just got back from the Dominican Republic, I was there on vacation but decided to go check out DWE (Dominican Wrestling Entertainment) and ended up training with them for two days which was an amazing experience. A few days before I left I faced Angel Orsini at an IndyGurlz show, although not victorious, it was a great experience to work her, she is an amazing worker. Other than that, just a lot of training and some traveling!
    Arron Carlton: When did you become a fan of wrestling?

    Marti Belle: I became a fan when I was very young, maybe about four or five. When I moved back to NY from the Dominican Republic, I didnít speak any English and wrestling was a great way for me to be able to interact with my cousins, I didnít need to speak the language to understand what was happening and we all knew what was happening without having to hear one word which is part of what I think drew me in to wrestling.

    Arron Carlton: Which wrestlers were you a fan of?

    Marti Belle: I was a huge fan of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Billy Kidman, Triple H, Lita, The Hardys, Christian, The Dudleyz, Trish Stratus among many others.

    Marti Belle and Tristan Spade Arron Carlton: You got started at Johnny Rodz' World of Unpredictable Wrestling (WUW), how did that come about?

    Marti Belle: At this point, I had not been watching wrestling for a few years, and had just graduated the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA). I was browsing through casting calls at ModelMayhem.com and came across one that was pretty much looking for valets/managers to work on a pilot with some of the wrestlers at WUW. I went down to the casting and got picked instantly. They liked me and had me come back every month after, after about a year of managing Tristan Spade, I decided it was time to start training, being there just lit up the spark that I think had always been there.

    Arron Carlton: Who trained you at WUW?

    Marti Belle: I was trained by a few people at WUW, I think we all see each other as a big family and try to help everyone out as much as we can. The main people who trained me were Johnny Rodz, Mac Daddy Flexx (aka Jason Perry), Joe so Delicious (Joe Montanino) & Reggae Dones (Pedro Dones) among others. In the end, I think we all feed off each other to get better.

    Arron Carlton: Who did you wrestle in your first match?

    Marti Belle: My first match was a three way between Tina San Antonio, Sweet Pea and myself.

    Arron Carlton: Many wrestling fans have a stigma towards "models" becoming wrestlers. What is your response to such immediate judgments?

    Marti Belle: Itís something that I had to deal with from the beginning, even at WUW, some people would treat me differently because I was coming in as a ďmodelĒ and not a worker, I had to really prove myself and earn peopleís respect with my level of commitment and work. I think sometimes, people are too quick to judge us, I come from an athletic background (more than 8 years of softball and 4 of Volleyball, both Varsity by the time I entered WUW) and I also have an acting background which I think has helped me earn respect. Not every ďmodelĒ that steps into a ring is there to walk around looking cute, some of us are there to kick ass!

    Wrestlers The Belle Saints
    Arron Carlton: You made your debut for WSU at their third anniversary show, with your tag team partner Tina San Antonio. How has your experience been so far working for WSU?

    Marti Belle: So far, it really has been an amazing experience. This company really has put womenís wrestling on the map for the good things that they do, they really are a genuinely amazing womanís company that constantly puts on shows worthy of being called the best. We have been treated with a lot of respect and have been taught a lot while being here for such a short time.

    Arron Carlton: You and Tina have your first WSU Tag Team Title match against the champions Cindy Rogers (Profile) and Jana (Profile). What are your thoughts on your opponents?

    Marti Belle: We are pretty excited about this match. We have both individually faced both Cindy and Jana and we can say they are both very strong competitors. On my end, I know I can say working Jana made me realize that this show coming up will not be an easy one; if we want those titles we are going to have to beat one of the best tag teams out there today. I think weíre ready.

    Arron Carlton: How did the name "The Belle Saints" come about?

    Marti Belle: I think it kind of came up as a joke, we knew we had to come up with something and we threw out a few things and I think I came up with that because it fit both of our names, plus, we are beautiful saints

    Arron Carlton:How is it like working with Tina San Antonio?

    Marti Belle: Working with Tina has been great. Even though I was working at WUW before she was, she started training before I did and was part of an all menís class which helped her become stronger. By the time I came in, she had a few months on me and we meshed well together. We feuded for a bit when I first started working and I can say, some of our matches have been my favorite, we just know how to read each other. Plus, as a tag team, I think we compliment each other because we are so different that there is always something here for everyone!

    Wrestler Marti Belle

    Arron Carlton: Who else has been some of your favorite wrestlers to work with so far?

    Marti Belle: I have enjoyed working Alicia, Jana, Danny Demanto, Brittany Force, Britney Savage, Roxie Cotton, Annie Social, and of course, working a match with Mercedes Martinez (Profile) was a great experience.

    Arron Carlton: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

    Marti Belle: I think my ultimate goal is be happy and have a long career. Of course, I think we all want that contract at the end to be able to say, damn I did it! Being able to wake up every day not dreading going to work but excited that its time to go wrestle would be my ultimate goal. Oh, well that and staying healthy!

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for your time!

    Marti Belle: Itís been my pleasure!

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