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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Madison Eagles Interview By Arron Carlton

"Madison Eagles makes history ...becoming the
third woman to hold the Shimmer Championship"

May 5, 2010 - Lethalwow.com

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    Wrestler Madison Eagles Arron Carlton: The Shimmer Championship is arguably the most prestigious title in Women's Wrestling in the USA today, describe the feeling of ending MsChif's 715 day reign.

    Madison Eagles: The feeling was over whelming, to have been given the opportunity to wrestle for SHIMMER and compete for the Championship Belt is a big honor for me. And on top of that to have beaten MsChif for it was an even greater honor because she is an awesome wrestler and athlete. I hope my reign with the belt can be as awe inspiring as hers.

    Arron Carlton: A lot of Shimmer fans wanted to see a Cheerleader Melissa reign... you beat her in Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 30 in a number once contender match. How was it to work with the incomparable Melissa Anderson?

    Madison Eagles: It was just that, incomparable. Melissa is such a tough athlete that working with her made me realize I really need to step up my game in the ring. Work harder to get stronger and faster in every aspect of my wrestling.

    Arron Carlton: You have tough shoes to fill...MsChif, Sara Del Rey... in a perfect title reign scenario, which women would it be a huge accomplishment to successful defend the belt against?

    Madison Eagles: Both the former champs for starters. They are awesome wrestlers and putting the belt on the line with either of them, I could safely say they would bring their A game, which would make for some great wrestling. All of the girls on the SHIMMER roster are there because they are some of the best talent the sport has to offer so defending it against any of them would be a huge accomplishment in my books.

    Madison Eagles Arron Carlton: You were part of a tag team named The Pink Ladies, tell us about working with Jessie McKay?

    Madison Eagles: Jessie is a great up and coming wrestler and definitely has a future in this business, and working with someone who has that potential there is always a great feeling. We know each other quite well so working as a team is very natural to the both of us.

    Arron Carlton: Tell us about PWWA and PWA.

    Madison Eagles: PWA has been around for 6 years through out Australia and has been producing some of the most talented wrestlers in the country. For the last 4 years it has called Sydney home and it’s headquarters in Liverpool is also where we run the PWA Training School from.

    As PWA is helping set the Standard for Australian wrestling as a whole, creating Australia’s only all Women’s company was kind of a natural progression for it. We found a lack of interstate travel for women was not helping any of us expand and improve our skill, so forming PWWA helped lots more girls get their names out there within the Australian Wrestling community.

    Its also great to see so much up and coming talent within the companies. Our brightest exports from PWWA include Kellie Skater and Jessie McKay, both of which are building up their names in the USA and continue to get better all the time. I am also keen on seeing what some of our male wrestlers such as Robbie Eagles, Ahmed Iblis, Sean O’Shea and Bluey Bonza will be able to do overseas if they get the chance.

    Arron Carlton: How different is it wrestling in the USA, as opposed to Australia?

    Madison Eagles: Pro wrestling in Australia is very underground. Most wrestling fans in Oz that watch main stream wrestling have no idea that Indy promotions even exist here. Also in Australia we don’t have the opportunities to work with so many different wrestlers or wrestling veterans like in the USA, so we have to work hard to keep things fresh and ever evolving for ourselves. Also it is extremely rare for wrestlers here to make a living off wrestling.

    Arron Carlton: How has having a family affected your career?

    Madison Eagles: There is no way I would be in this position right now without my family. My husband, Ryan Eagles, is an innovative wrestler and an inspiration for me and is by far one of my all time favorite wrestlers. He knows I would never settle for just ‘OK’ and pushes me to be the best wrestler I can be. And having kids really lets you know how strong you are. I have had two beautiful children, and giving birth to both ALL NATURALLY has made me realize I can push my pain barrier to the limits.

    Madison Eagles Arron Carlton: You were ranked number 31 in the PWI Female 50 in 2009, how does that make you feel?

    Madison Eagles: It’s great to be recognized as an Australian wrestler on an international level. Australian wrestling’s general lack of international exposure makes it very hard for any of us to gain any sort of a name in the world of wrestling, so helping along Australian Pro Wrestling scene is fantastic.

    Arron Carlton: How has the Internet played a role in your career so far?

    Madison Eagles: It’s a great medium for which I and the other girls have been able to get our names out there.

    Arron Carlton: What are your thoughts on websites like Lethalwow.com, Diva-Dirt.com, Glorywrestling and more?

    Madison Eagles: I think they are great. They really help promote Women’s pro wrestling as a whole, and help get the word out there about Independent female wrestlers that may not get the main stream exposure the girls in the bigger promotions do.

    Arron Carlton: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

    Madison Eagles: I really just want to go as far as I can push myself. I feel I have done a lot already with my set back of being all the way over here in Australia, but every day I wake up and know I can push myself further and harder then I have before. So hopefully I can constantly get more work and do more for the Women’s Pro Wrestling scene around the world.

    Wrestler Madison Eagles

    Arron Carlton: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    Madison Eagles: If you really want it then you have to work your ass off to get it. Don’t think its easy what we do, we constantly work to push ourselves further then what we think we can and its hard work. Shoot for your dreams and never settle for second best.

    Arron Carlton: Visit ShimmerWrestling.com for more on Shimmer Volumes 29 and 30.

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