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Lethalwow.com Lexxus Interview By Arron Carlton

"Lexxus climbs to the top of WSU"

August 4, 2011 - Lethalwow.com

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Lexxus Lexxus Lexxus Lexxus Lexxus Lexxus Lexxus
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    Wrestling Diva Lexxus
    Lexxus (aka Alexxis Nevaeh)
    On June 25, 2011, at WSU's Uncensored Rumble IV, Lexxuss--one-half of the WSU Tag-Team Champions shocked the Women's Wrestling world as she became the 2011 Uncensored Rumble winner. Live on internet-pay-per-view, she survived 22 eliminations to become the number 1 contender for the WSU Championship (WSU “Uncensored Rumble IV” Results). Lexxus took the time to join me in discussing Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), Mercedes Martinez, wrestling Awesome Kong on Impact Wrestling, New England Championship Wrestling (NECW) and more...

    Arron Carlton: What have you been up to in recent weeks?

    Lexxus: I've been focus and determined to defeat one of my toughest opponents in the next week... I’ve been training endless hours in the ring and the gym, and honestly can't wait to show the world that I can defeat Mercedes Martinez.

    Arron Carlton: You are facing WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez due to winning the 2011 WSU Uncensored Rumble... That must be an incredible feeling for you.

    Lexxus: I feel like I'm on top of the world... well on top of the WSU (WSUWrestling.com) world. I was entry number 1, and defeated 22 other WSU women and can’t explain how great I feel. This is a great opportunity to show the lockeroom what they need to watch out for because I’m high in demand, and I’m here to take over WSU!

    Arron Carlton: Winning the Rumble was one thing, but on August 6, 2011 at the Double DVD Taping Mercedes in another... She has been Champion for over 2 years, defeating all comers.

    Lexxus: Mercedes has become one of the greatest and well respected female wrestler in this business. Ultimately I am ready for the pressure among the press and the world to defeat the best. I’m ready to prove it to myself, Mercedes, and the viewers that I could hang with the best and essentially defeat the best. I respect Mercedes and I know it’s going to be a tough encounter but it’s my time to shine and I’m going to walk out on the 6th the new WSU champion.

    Arron Carlton: Good luck you on your match. You also had another big win this year... on Friday, May 27th at Pro Wrestling Syndicate. "The Boston Shore" defeated "The Belle Saints" to become WSU Champions. You are no stranger to the Saints, What are you thoughts on Tina San Antonio and Marti Belle?

    Lexxus: The Belle Saints are seriously a joke! I mean they held the titles for some time, but after the numerous times we destroyed them in the ring, I knew it wouldn’t take long to take their championships... The Boston Shore destroyed them once again and finally became the WSU Tag-Team Champions... Tina and Marti, it was my pleasure making you guys look a complete joke.

    Arron Carlton: How is it to work with Amber?

    Lexxus: Amber is one of my BFFs and she’s amazing... plus on a side note, the Boston Shore is the shit and it’s only a matter of time when we both take over the entire WSU. No one can destroy our friendship and most importantly no one can stop us from taking all the championships in the WSU and continue to make history. On August 6th, Amber and I will be in the headlines because not only are we walking out the tag team champions, but she is taking the Spirit Championship from carrot top Sassy Stephanie, and I’m going to become the best in the world winning the WSU championship.

    Arron Carlton: How did working for WSU come about?

    Lexxus: Amber was always talking about WSU and I needed a new challenge, so we decided to bring the Boston Shore to the best around. WSU is the best all girls promotion and it would be a stepping stone to make my way to the top.
    Wrestler Lexxus

    Arron Carlton: You do a lot of work in New England Championship Wrestling (NECW), tell us a bit about the promotion.

    Lexxus: It was the promotion where I got to shine and show what Alexxis is made of. NECW has been around over a decade and it showcased alot of the greatest wrestlers in the world; John Cena, Beth Phoneix, Nikki Roxx, and many others. It was great to be the top female for a few years and just prove that beauty can kick booty... I’m so thankful for everyone at NECW for giving me the chance to show I’m the total package.

    Arron Carlton: What are some of your most memorable moments at NECW?

    Lexxus: Last summer, Mistress Belmont and I made history and ended our one year feud in a steel cage match. It was one of my toughest matches I’ve ever been involved and it was a great opportunity to prove women are as tough as the guys maybe even tougher. It also was the night when I become the first ever 3-time Womens Champion.

    Arron Carlton: Which other Championships have you held?

    Lexxus: Chaotic Wrestling's Women's Championship

    Arron Carlton: Speaking of Chaotic Wrestling, you defeated Nikki Roxx to win the belt. How has it been to work with her?

    Lexxus: Nikki Roxx is the best around the New England area, she's amazing! She's done it all and no one can top that and honestly. It has been a blessing to get the opportunity to get in the ring with her. She has taught me so much in and out of the ring and I am grateful to have meet her. So on that note... Nikki Rocks!

    Arron Carlton: You had the opportunity to take on Awesome Kong on Impact in 2008, tell us about that experience.

    Lexxus: Wow... That experience was priceless and absolutely amazing. I got the opportunity that many females in this business never get and couldn’t be more blessed. Not only was it great to be in the ring with Awesome Kong but even better the whole world got to watch it. I’m thankful that I got to do my thing on one of the biggest showcases and I know it will happen again! It was just alittle taste to know what the future can hold.

    Arron Carlton: Which other promotions have you had the opportunity worked for?

    Lexxus: ROH, 2CW, BTW, Northeast Championship Wrestling

    Wrestler Lexxus

    Arron Carlton: Who have you not wrestled, that you want to get in the ring with?

    Lexxus: I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle so many amazing girls and I’m truly blessed, but... First of all... Jessica Havok, that bitch believes shes the shit and talks more shit than anyone and I wish I could get my hands on her. Oh yea, and her BFF as well. I wish I could get in the ring with Serena because she is amazing... Not only does she have the experience, but she is the total package and every female could learn from her. She Is on top of my list and to name a few others... Daizee Haze, Rain, and Jazz.

    Arron Carlton: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

    Lexxus: Ultimately, I want to be happy with what I’m doing.
    Arron Carlton: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    Lexxus: Go for it!... It is going to be extremely difficult but desire to be the best and continue kicking ass. You will get plenty of NOs in the business but be true to yourself and honestly you will go far. I’m a prime example of it

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for you time

    Lexxus: Thanks for having me!... Everyone better be at WSU on August 6th or else!

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