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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Christie Ricci Interview By Arron Carlton

Christie Ricci... The Woman Behind
Wrestlicious Champion Glory

June 2, 2010 - Lethalwow.com

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    Arron Carlton: Hello Christie, Thank you for joining me!

    Christie Ricci: (Visit: Christiericci.net) Thanks for having me.

    Wrestler Christie Ricci Arron Carlton: Most Women's Wrestling fans know you as Christie Ricci; however, most recently, you have been portraying "Glory" in Wrestlicous. How did you get booked for the role?

    Christie Ricci: I was considered for the role of Glory from the beginning. Jimmy Hart is a big supporter of mine and when Johnny Caferella asked for his suggestions on booking, Jimmy suggested me. It all began there! Jimmy has always been a great supporter of my wrestling career, and I really appreciate all of that support.

    Arron Carlton: Episode 9 of Wrestlicious TakeDown just aired... Congratulations on becoming the first ever Wrestlicious Champion. How does it feel?

    Christie Ricci: It feels great! It's an honor to be able to represent so many talented females in the only Televised all female wrestling company in the U.S. Finally there is a promotion that takes us back to the LPWA and GLOW days.

    Arron Carlton: Rain has been quite the character as "Felony"... how was it working with her?

    Christie Ricci: I always love working with Rain (Felony). She is a great athlete! I enjoy her strong style and her ability to entertain the fans by putting on an excellent show.

    Christie Ricci Arron Carlton: There has been a lot of criticism of the promotion. What do you have to say for the naysayers?

    Christie Ricci: The naysayers don't have a clue. These idiots think that we think that the skits are actually funny. No, they are corny and they are intended to be corny. What these people don't get is that it works. The naysayers are usually the ones tuned into every episode. If you are a wrestling fan then you would appreciate the wrestling, because most of it is excellent wrestling. If you don't enjoy wrestling, then ask yourself why you are watching our show! Really think about it! If you aren't a supporter of Wrestlicious, then why are you reading this very interview? Because every naysayer or critic is actually just another supporter but in a different capacity. And for all of you reading this right now that love to go on the Internet and write negative thing about us, we are all just laughing at you at the very moment! Really you are our greatest motivation. The day they stop talking about us is the day we should all retire!

    Arron Carlton: Who are some of your favorite characters in Wrestlicious?

    Christie Ricci: I don't really have any favorites, but I think Cousin Cassie is extremely cute! She's an actress that has trained very hard to be apart of the show, and she always impresses me with her perseverance and enthusiasm.

    Arron Carlton: You mentioned LPWA and GLOW earlier... Who were some of your favorite wrestlers to watch in LPWA and GLOW?

    Christie Ricci: LPWA... Of course the classic heels the Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai and Judy Martin), and Hollywood and Lighting from Glow.

    Arron Carlton: Outside of Wrestlicious, what have you been up to?

    Christie Ricci: I've been making babies... I just had a baby in February so much of my time has been devoted to her. I just returned to wrestling in the last couple of weeks. We filmed the final episodes of Wrestlicious season 1 this weekend. I just currently opened a business in Nashville, it's a boutique style used car dealership. So I've been uber busy lately! It's not easy being a mommy, the Westlicious queen, and a business owner.

    Christie Ricci Arron Carlton: You have been in the business for some time. You began your wrestling career training with Leilani Kai, tell us about working with the women's wrestling legend.

    Christie Ricci: Working with Leilani was my dream come true. One month in the business and I had already accomplished all I had set out to do! I was a huge Glamour Girls fan, and it was a blessing to have been trained by Kai.

    Leilani gave me an understanding of the business that many wrestler just don't grasp. I'm very appreciative of this.

    AC: Who have been some of your favorite wrestlers to work with since then?

    CR: There are so many girls I love working with. To name a few they are Rain, Cheerleader Melissa, Amber O'neal, Tahsa Simone, and Mexico's Princess Sugey.

    AC: For wrestling fans who have not seen you in action, which matches should they see?

    CR: All of the Wrestlicious matches!

    AC: If you could get in the ring with any current wrestler or woman of the past that you have not wrestle, Who would they be?

    CR: Without a doubt Wendi Richter!

    Wrestler Christie Ricci

    AC: Jim Ross recently noted in a blog "Unless the decision makers change their philosophy, and my money is on them not doing so, women’s wrestling is essentially going to remain a supplement to the overall product that will remain positioned to appease to the male demo by providing sex appeal.unless the decision makers change their philosophy, and my money is on them not doing so, women’s wrestling is essentially going to remain a supplement to the overall product that will remain positioned to appease to the male demo by providing sex appeal." How do you respond to that?

    CR: That's a difficult one because when Ross refers to "the decision makers" he's referring to Vince, but what about the fans. Believe it or not, there are fans of women's wrestling.

    The decision makers of WWE know what works for them. Thankfully, we are not WWE or trying to be anything like them. Our decision makers believe there is a market for female wresting and that's what we are serving!

    Honestly, I'm really glad this is there Philosophy. WWE has much more money than Wrestlicious so if they had our philosophy then their product could possibly be better and we wouldn't want that!

    AC: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

    CR: I've already accomplished it! All I ever wanted to do is wrestle and have a blast along the way.

    AC: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    CR: To all the aspiring wrestlers, learn to respect the business before you start calling yourself a pro. There is nothing I hate more than a so called pro wrestler that doesn't have a real clue about the business. And leave the drama out of the dressing room!

    AC: Where can fans contact you?

    CR: Christie@christiericci.net, www.christiericci.net

    AC: Thank you for your time!

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